Capella Ixtapa: Dinner Time

I’m sure you’re already aware, but I’ll post another disclaimer: this post is picture heavy…and potentially hunger-inducing.

During the course of our stay at Capella Ixtapa, we enjoyed a variety of different dinners.

Night 1, we dined at A Mares…Capella Ixtapa’s fine dining restaurant. Instead of partaking in the 3 course meal, we each just ordered an entree.

One weeknight, Capella Ixtapa was offering a taco night. For $30 a person, we were treated to unlimited tacos with fresh corn tortillas, a huge variety of meats, and almost too many topping choices to count! Oh, and we each received 2 glasses of wine as part of the deal…not too shabby. Justin managed to take down 10 tacos: I didn’t know if I should be proud or concerned (to be fair, corn tortillas are pretty small in size so they don’t hold much).

Part of our package at Capella Ixtapa included a 3 course dinner at their fine dining restaurant, A Mares.

The food presentation at A Mares was absolutely stunning. I also loved the fact that they always provided an amuse bouche before you began dinner. This evening, it featured scallops…

Justin and I both ordered the same salad: mesclun greens with caramelized pecans, balsamic reduction, gorgonzola dressing, and pear three different ways. It was so interesting!

For a second course, Justin ordered the hibiscus and tamarindo scallops. I opted for the asparagus risotto with black truffle oil, scallops, and parmesan: so good!

For a 3rd course, Justin ordered the coconut shrimp (but it looks like a fried egg! That’s actually coconut foam with a mango jelly of sorts…interesting!).

My third course was smoked mahi mahi with asparagus and rice. So so yummy!

Of course, you have to have dessert! Justin’s churros were gone so quickly I didn’t get a picture, but my beautiful, warm, chocolate lava cake was absolutely delicious…

After dinner/on our way back to our room, we would always stop by in the library. Each evening, the staff at Capella Ixtapa set out a bottle of tequila, glasses, salt, and lime wedges. We had a great time trying all of the different options throughout the week.

Sometimes, we just had to order a late night snack via room service.

Chicken club sandwich, with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and a fried egg. So much yum:

Caesar salad:

One night, I was craving ice cream and french fries. The staff at Capella Ixtapa were more than willing to bring me the combo.

Also –  a mini cheesecake!

One interesting dinner feature we enjoyed one evening was grilled panella cheese served with fresh bread. It was so good!

On Friday evenings, Capella Ixtapa holds a manager’s cocktail hour. We were able to enjoy some margaritas (cucumber for Justin and a basil one for me) and an array of appetizers. Justin and I loved being able to have a variety of sushi (we don’t normally eat it, but it was good to try some out; it made me want to try some easier “tame” versions at home perhaps!).

And last but not least, one evening we were able to enjoy a special dinner outside at Capella Ixtapa’s fish market restaurant. You were able to pick your freshly caught fish right off the ice…it kind of scarred me a bit. We instructed them to de-bone and remove the skin off of our fish, but you can have it prepared however you desire (if having a head attached is your thing…go for it)!

We were seriously spoiled with amazing food during our stay at Capella Ixtapa. I really appreciated the fact that their cuisine featured fresh and healthy options that tasted delicious!

Do you enjoy partaking in healthy cuisine when on vacation, or do you prefer to splurge?


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  • That food looks amazing!! Was your resort all inclusive? I am thinking not since normally the food doesn’t look that great at all inclusives!

    • The resort was not all-inclusive, but the package we purchased included breakfast every morning and a 3 course dinner one evening (plus they bring you chips and guacamole every day at 5pm). The prices were actually pretty reasonable for the meals that we ate that weren’t accounted for by our package!

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