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Camera style: the hand strap!

It just so happens that a new camera body made its way into my life in the beginning of December. I Instagrammed my excitement immediately, but I haven’t talked much about my new 6D since then. Let me just state for the record: I love it. I adored my “beginner” DSLR (my Canon Rebel T1i) as well. It was a Christmas present from Justin back in 2009. But after four years of constant and consistent use, I knew it was time for me to go to the next level. Switching over to a full body frame has been awesome.

wrist camera strap

With the new frame also came the need for me to address my “strap issues.” I always used the regular neck strap on my previous camera, but instead of wearing it around my neck I would loop my arm through it/toss it over my shoulder. It was annoying and got in the way many times. I knew that when I upgraded to a new camera body, I wanted to get a hand strap to go along with it.

wrist camera strap

Have you seen these before? We purchased mine on Etsy from Cam-in Photography.

wrist camera strap

Yes. Yes yes yes. I don’t know how I ever lived without this hand strap. It keeps the camera secure around my hand, but the extra length and awkwardness of the neck strap is gone. The warm brown leather with gold finishes are also a draw.

wrist camera strap

The strap attaches to the camera through the regular strap attachment on the right side, but then loops around to the bottom of the camera and holds in place with an attachment you screw on to the bottom. Conveniently enough, the base piece also screws into tripod bases, so you don’t have to take the strap off to set up your camera on one.

wrist camera strap

So, what do you think? Would you go for a wrist strap on your camera?

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