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In the beginning of April, I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in my friend K’s wedding. Her colors were purples and creams/touches of green. K had each of the bridesmaids select their favorite style of Alfred Angelo dress, and we were on our own for the shoes.

Clearly…freedom of shoe choice meant that I was going to have some fun.

I selected a dress with a sweetheart neckline and an empire waist for figure-flattery. However, the alteration process with Alfred Angelo was a NIGHTMARE. Word to the wise (or at least any brides/bridesmaids to be in the Tampa area): the seamstress at the Tampa store is awful! Nice person, but jacked the heck out of my dress. I won’t get into too much detail, but my hem was completely wonky (look at the bottom left side [my right] of the dress and you can see it somewhat), and she took in the bodice without accounting for the cups she was sewing in. This resulted in the dress being so tight that the zipper (which should be covered) was exposed, and required Justin to come down to the suite to stuff me into the darn thing. By 9pm I was in so much pain in my ribcage that we had to leave the wedding reception a little bit early. Honestly: I thought I was going to have an Incredible Hulk moment where I flexed my muscles and the dress ripped off my body!

But: it looked pretty! And I was looooving my shoes, which I was lucky enough to score from J Crew on final sale!

Bridesmaid dress: Alfred Angelo, style 7074 in eggplant

Printed heels: J Crew, Love-me-knot platform heels in parsley, purchased on final sale. Currently, they can be found in suede and satin varieties.

Have you run into any troubles when buying/altering a bridesmaid dress?


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