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A Day at the Dog Park

Who loves the dog park? Lucia does!!!

We really need to take Lucia over to the Enterprise Dog Park more. There is so much room for her to run, and it is generally replete with other dogs for her to socialize with!

However, I must admit: she is kind of the awkward kid on the sidelines sometimes. My poor baby.

If she isn’t on the sidelines, you can most likely find her running at full speed through the park, trying desperately to instigate a chase with the surrounding pups. The problem is: Lucia is rather fast, and she leaves the other dogs in the dust. Then, silly girl, she doesn’t even look over her shoulder to notice that her friends are no longer in pursuit! Oops. She is my special girl.

Don’t worry though, she does manage to come out of her awkward shell every once in a while to make a new friend.

Dog park: success!

Do your pups enjoy socializing at the dog park? Or, are they socially awkward like Lucia?


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  • I love dog parks!! I want to take our dogs to them more often, but they’re bullies!! They are so used to playing VERY VERY rough with each other and they try to play like that with all of the other dogs, which most do not appreciate. Then I feel terrible because while my dogs won’t harm another dog, the owners get nervous and shoot me evil looks. Sigh…I should work with them on that, but they’re deaf to commands in the heat of the moment at the park.

    It’s awesome that you can take Lucia with you–she looks like a very good player!

  • Aww, cute little Lucia. 🙂 One of our pups LOVES to socialize at the dog park…the other is very shy/socially awkward and will literally freeze if any other dog checks him out/tries to play. He likes to stay by my legs most of the time. 🙂

  • One of my dogs does AWESOME at the dog park, but the other is a little too high stress for it, so it ends up being no fun for any of us. We used to love going, though, and maybe we’ll try it again sometime!

  • Lucia looks happy – even if she spends a little time on the sidelines!

    I miss our dog park days. It gets too hazardous when dogs reach their late teens. We used to have such a good time.

  • Buddy is completely socially awkward. He isn’t a huge fan of other dogs… So the dog park isn’t really the best place for him. But it looks like Lucia had lots of fun!!

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