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Partners in Crime

Partners in crime: that is definitely what these two are. I mean…come on now: look at those faces.

Lucia and Sherman

Lucia and Sherman have become a set of inseparable pals. Like any pet owner probably does, I most likely waste way too much of my time just watching the two of them play in the afternoon/evening. You can blame these two for the lack of blog posts lately.

Just kidding. You can blame that on my left hand. I seem to have acquired a bit of tendonitis in my left thumb, which has made it particularly difficult to do a few of my favorite things: typing, cooking, and going to the gym. I’ve had to say goodbye to weight training for a few weeks to give my wrist a rest (and I’m saying goodbye to all of the progress I’ve ever made in my arms/back/etc. Bummer). Handling heavy pots and pans with one hand is a bit of a challenge. And typing: well…the repetitive motion is not doing me any good. So I’ve been dutifully attempting to sit back a little bit and let the healing set in. It’s working so far: a few weeks ago, I was in enough pain that it was almost making me cry to move my hand. With a handy dandy hand brace thingamajig, I’m no longer feeling pain unless I strain my hand to do something. Apparently it takes weeks, possibly months, for a tendon to fully heal. So, we’ll see how this goes! In the meantime, enjoy this photo of my funny little pair of pups!

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