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Why, hello there!

Well, here goes nothing! Let the awkward first post commence!

Hello everyone! I am so happy that you have landed in my little neck of the woods. Whether you’ve followed me here from my adventures in wedding planning, via Twitter, or you’ve just randomly stumbled upon my site…it really doesn’t matter…I’m glad to see you!


So, I suppose a little background information is a must? Well, I’m a 20-something lady living in sunny, steamy Florida. I am an incredibly lucky girl to have married the love of my life about two months ago, and we are currently learning to face the real world together (it is much less scary that way). Right now, my hubby spends his days in the office, while I navigate job boards and rewrite my resume…want to hire me? However, until that dream job comes around, I also try to take advantage of precious cleaning, laundry, and cooking time in our home. I have to constantly remind my husband that these days will not last forever…as my maid/cooking services are rather expensive for our budget. C’est la vie.

Ah, but I digress. The purpose of my blog is to share with you my adventures in life, to indulge my love of fashion and shopping (hence…”ruffles”), and to share my trials and tribulations in the kitchen (hence…”truffles”).

Anyway, I hope that you will follow along as our lovely little life unfolds!


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