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I feel compelled to share this with you because it perplexes me on a daily basis. Behold: the Ghostbuster mobile:

Someone who works in my office complex drives this car. It is not a car for a business; it is just a personal vehicle. And – I happened to catch a glimpse of the driver one day: IT IS A WOMAN! That was a game changer for me…I assumed it had to be a man!

I have so many questions for this lady:

Did you buy the white PT Cruiser first and then decide to alter it later? Or, did you buy this car with the express purpose of pimping it out?

What does your house look like? Do you have Ghostbusters paraphernalia everywhere?

Do you have a boyfriend/husband/significant other? What does he/she think about this? And – what kind of car does he or she drive? Batmobile?

I could keep going…but I’m going to leave this in your hands, dear readers. Tell me: what question are you dying to ask the owner of this car? Let’s hear it!


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