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Wedding in the Desert: Friday Night Festivities

After an afternoon of pampering at the spa, it was time for everyone to rehearse for the big event.

Then, some friends convened in one of the rooms before the rehearsal dinner. More time to catch up!

Next, it was time to chow down on copius amounts of pizza at the rehearsal dinner.

Then, our group decided to take a detour on our way back to the hotel. Remember how I mentioned a local bar had live bull riding on Wednesday and Friday nights? Well, it was about to start, and we decided to swing by before returning to the resort. Where the bar had been pretty much deserted the previous night, it was absolutely packed on a Friday! This was something to see.

Fans packed the stands/crowded into the standing room around the bull riding ring, all hoping to get a good view of the festivities. Now, bull riding can be quite quick, so catching photos/video of a ride proved to be tricky…but I tried!


This guy was actually chased down by his bull after being thrown! Yikes.

Do you see the blonde woman standing on the left side of the rail? Yeah – she rode a bull that evening…no joke!

The last rider of the first round was really the star: he was the only one to ride for over 8 seconds…and you could tell he was excited after he climbed the fence!

Upon closer inspection, we determined that he had to be the most attractive cowboy ever.

So…naturally we had to convince him to take a picture with our group! Sweeeet!

With a night of bull riding excitement under our belts, it was time to return to the hotel to rest up for the big day on Saturday!

Have you ever seen live bull riding?


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