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Wedding in the Desert: Bachelorette Festivities

After a fun sunset horseback ride through the desert, it was time for a fun night out with the ladies! We all rushed back to the resort to shower and get sassy. We started by exchanging a few presents, making the bride-to-be play a game of pin the tail on the donkey (be creative here), and perhaps making her pose for a few photos…

Then, it was time to hop in the resort shuttle and head to dinner! We selected a local wine bar in Cave Creek, and our group happened to be pretty much the only patrons that evening. No matter – we were able to enjoy a lot of quality time together, and we didn’t have to worry about volume levels!

After a few bottles of wine and dinner, we moved the party over to a local bar. Let me tell you: the bars in Cave Creek Arizona are country! The bar we visited, The Buffalo Chip, had a live band and a handful of cowboys sitting around. Actually, they informed us that they weren’t actually cowboys, they were “country boys,” but you get the picture! These country boys informed us that we needed to return to The Buffalo Chip the following evening to see the bull riding. Say…what? You mean a mechanical bull, right? Nope – this bar boasts a backyard lot where they do LIVE bull riding two times a week. Needless to say, our interest was piqued regarding this potential excitement. But, more on that later.

Anyway, all of the guys were at a neighboring bar for the bachelor party, but they met up with us after a while. But first, we all had to pose for a photo to document the evening! P.S. – do you love Kali’s sash? My mom and I made that. I’m proud…what can I say?

Although Thursday night in Cave Creek, Arizona wasn’t the busiest night of the week, we all had a fun time with a relatively low-key affair! We had a long weekend of fun ahead of us anyway…


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