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Wedding in the Desert: A Sunset Ride

After we were settled in Arizona, it was time for the official wedding-related activities to begin. For part 1 of Kali’s bachelorette festivities, we had scheduled a horseback riding excursion: at sunset! We gathered in the hotel lobby, put on some sunscreen, and headed out for a late afternoon of fun!

We had set up a sunset horseback riding tour at MTM Ranch in Cave Creek. When we arrived, we were greeted by our guide, Handsome Ed, as well as our trusty steeds!

Handsome Ed gave us a rundown on our excursion: he also provided us with hats, cold bottles of water, and saddle bags to hold our belongings during the ride. Then, it was time to saddle up!

Some of the ladies had to take advantage of a photo op!

I was kind of getting a Marlboro Man vibe from Handsome Ed, am I right? Ever so slightly?

M’s horse was particularly stylish, in my opinion! I loved the fringe she was sporting!

M decided to go horseback riding “Kenny Chesney style,” as she referred to it! Boat shoes and no socks for horseback riding? That’s normal, right?

Time for the guest of honor!


It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon/evening, and it was amazing to experience Arizona on horseback!


Have you been horseback riding in a unique location?


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  • Aw how fun!!! I’ve NEVER been horse back riding (I missed my chance in Italy b/c I had to leave early BOO) but this looks like so much fun!

  • How fun is that?! I went horseback riding in the Bahamas, which was pretty awesome. We wanted to go on our honeymoon, but then Hurricane Tomas hit and kind of threw a wrench in all of our plans.

  • I love horse backriding. those pictures are gorgeous…you’re really good at capturing moments. It’s definitely a talent of yours whether you realize or not.

  • That looks so beautiful! We went to a friends wedding last year in Colombia and one of the pre wedding activities was horseback riding through the mountains/jungle. It was truly an amazing experience! How sore were your legs afterwards?! I remember my knees and inner thighs were killing me!

  • Katie! Helmets next time! I’m only a pest because I have a helmet with a nice dent in it. 🙂 Also, once you’ve broken your tailbone coming off a horse, you know better than to think you’re above it!

    Seriously, though, trail riding is one of my favorite things ever. I’m training Lily to trail ride right now and I can just tell she’s going to love it the way only a Mustang addicted to long gallops can.

    • Anni – not my choice on that one my dear 😉 I used to ride English in high school and had a pretty crazy experience with a horse throwing me; I got lucky!

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