Travel: packing essentials

As our vacation quickly approaches, I’m starting to contemplate the task of packing for it.

I’m a list maker. I literally write out every…single…item I need to bring with me (down to “cotton balls” and “Q-Tips”) and check each item off as I put it into my suitcase. A little crazy? Perhaps. But I usually don’t forget anything…unless I don’t put it on the list in the first place. Which has happened; I’m not perfect.

Everyone has their packing routine, and there are always a few items I never fail to pack.

In my carry-on:

  • a spare outfit, just in case a bag is delayed/lost (as well as 2 changes of undergarments)
  • for this trip: a bathing suit. If we want to catch some rays immediately after arrival, we won’t have to unpack our suitcases before heading out!
  • crossword book/puzzle book/regular book
  • washcloth or cleansing towelettes (seems weird, but nice to have. Airport/airplane air always makes my skin feel gross)
  • passport/other travel documents
  • hand sanitizer. Lots of hand sanitizer

In my suitcase:

  • Downy wrinkle releaser. I use this regularly at home, but on a trip? Essential. When I unpack my suitcase to hang my clothes up, I spritz each of them with a bit of wrinkle release. It saves me from having to iron most pieces!

  • Febreeze
  • deck of cards
  • corkscrew. Trying to hunt one down at a hotel is a tall order sometimes
  • water bottles. I always like to have a few on hand

What about you? What are some of the essential items you pack for a trip?


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