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Thai Chili Pepper Sauce

Can you handle the heat? I’d like to think that I can…on most occasions at least! I have always seemed to have a fondness for spicy food, which led me to create today’s Thai Chili Pepper Sauce.

Thai Chili Pepper Sauce

Remember last week when I posed a question about Thai chiles? I had a bag of them from my local market that I was contemplating what to do with. After I threw a few diced Thai chiles into some stir fry and about burned Justin’s tastebuds off, I decided that I should maybe just keep the chiles to myself and create a condiment instead. Something I can use for my own purposes without scorching my poor husband’s mouth with capsaicin.

I’ve always wondered how hard it would be to make my own sriracha sauce. Me and the rooster bottle are seriously good friends. I put it in my ketchup, on my eggs, in stir fry, drizzled in soup. You name it…I like to add sriracha into it. I had a feeling that if I created my own spicy sauce it would taste even better than the prepackaged variety.

Thai Chili Pepper Sauce

Now, the initial idea was to create a sriracha-like sauce. However, after adding some ingredients into my food processor, it was clear that I wasn’t going to make a replica. Instead, I decided to embrace the experiment and added a few things here and there until I ended up with a sauce that is spicy, sweet, and will definitely satisfy the spice lover. To me, it was a success. I was able to create a dish with another ingredient I hadn’t previously used in my kitchen, and I just might have to create some more spicy condiments by scratch in the future!

Have you ever made your own hot sauce?

Thai Chili Pepper Sauce

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  • Love Thai chilies! We have about a million of them growing on our back patio thanks to Mike, the green thumb grower. He’ll just bring me a fistful of the red ones and then I’ll make spicy everything for weeks, lol.

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