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Sweet Thoughts for Stuart

The holidays are proving to be a busy time for me, so posting has been/will be light for the next few days or so.

However, I wanted to ask for everyone out there to send some sweet thoughts and prayers to our little Stuart. When he was at the groomer last week, they discovered he has a hernia on his underbelly. To fix it, he has to have surgery.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly. But you see, he’s actually going through THREE procedures today. My parents have decided that instead of just fixing the hernia, he’s also going to get neutered (for some reason my parents haven’t ever done that)…AND have his teeth deep cleaned. Triple whammy. I’ll be seeing him later this evening…so hopefully he’ll be all fixed up (and perhaps a bit drugged….with a cone on his head)!

So, if you don’t mind…send some healthy and happy thoughts and prayers to our little long man today…he’s going to need them! Poor buddy…


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