5 Summer Accessories to Beat the Heat

Today I’m going to take a moment to talk about accessories that help me beat the summer heat. Now, my take on accessories may span a wide array of items, but all of these seem to be essential to my well-being during the hot months in Florida! Here are my top 5 suggestions to add to your collection:

1. Carry a clutch.

You probably already love the chic look of a clutch for an evening out, but they are also perfect for the summertime. Why, you ask? Well, there is nothing worse than a sweaty, chafed shoulder lugging along a bag. Clutches eliminate that problem, and nowadays you can find them in a huge variety of sizes and shapes! If you just need a pint-sized clutch to tote necessities, they’re available…if you need a massive envelope clutch to store everything but the kitchen sink, they have those too! There are even clutches designed specifically to carry around your iPad or tablet…chic and nerdy!

One: ASOS leather bar clutch / Two: ALDO Virga clutch / Three: ASOS leather croc clutch

2. Flip flops are your friend.

Closed toe shoes in the heat? Not going to happen. A shoe that requires a sock? Forget about it. Invest in a pair of beautiful flip flops. I’m not talking rubbery shower sandals…I mean a nice pair of leather thong sandals. Even though they are casual, they don’t scream “college dorm chic.” Keep it simple with capri sandals, or jazz it up with some embellishments: your feet will thank me when they are nice and cool!

3. Shade your face.

Why not break out a hat to beat the heat? From Panama hats, to fedoras, to baseball caps, there are plenty of options. An added bonus: if your hair isn’t looking amazing because of the humidity, a hat can help you cover it up!

One: J. Crew Panama Hat / Two: Old Navy cloche hat / Three: GAP floppy sun hat

4. Tervis Tumblers will save your drinks.

Tervis Tumbler, Fiesta collection at Kohl’s

One thing about me: my drinks must always have ice in them. I despise a drink that is watered down with melted ice cubes. My friends, please take the time to invest in a Tervis Tumbler if you don’t already have one. The cup’s amazing insulation keeps drinks cold, and your ice stays in cube form for 10 times longer than other cups. Not only is the cup fantastic, but there are quite a few “accessories” you can buy to go with it – a lid with a straw, a sipping lid for coffee/tee, a handle for easy carrying, and the list goes on! These are really adaptable cups, I tell ya! You can find them at Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and the like! And there are SO many options in color and pattern!

5. When in doubt: frozen yogurt is always the answer.

Need I say more? I consider it an accessory because a bowl of frozen yogurt is constantly at my side. It’s pretty much my solution to summer heat on a weekly basis. Or daily. Don’t judge me.

So – what accessories do YOU use to beat the summer heat?



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    • Aren’t they the best? The only thing that stinks is the price – it is taking us a while to accumulate a collection now that we realize they’re our favorite! They don’t look fancy, but dang it, they keep my drinks cold!

  • OMG I am OBSESSED with Tervis. Not only are they adorable and functional, but I love how Southern they are. Last time I was home in Charleston, I discovered there is a WHOLE TERVIS STORE! I got one with the SC Flag and “Charleston” on it and I literally use it every day. I also think it’s great that it’s safe for hot beverages, the dishwasher, and it’s guaranteed for life!

    • Aren’t they fun? They’re actually based out of Florida, a little bit south of me! They are all over the place around here. I really should take a little trip to their headquarters where they have a factory store…wonder if I could get a discount!

  • I am straight OBSESSED with Tervis tumblers. And I love clutches too, especially with wrist straps. I just got one at DSW to bring to a wedding next month… it’s HUGE, luckily!

  • I love love LOVE all three of those hats! For some reason I can’t really pull off a hat though, sad :(. I think this is my first time commenting, but I love your blog!

    • I am actually with you on the hat thing. I have a few of them, but I feel absolutely ridiculous in them! 😉

  • I love this… I live in NC and we’re melting up here too! The Tervis tumbler is the best invention ever. I fill my big one up with iced coffee and take it to work in the mornings!

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