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Get that glow! Plus an “after beach” makeup look

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Get that glow

It’s that time of year – the sun is starting to peek out more and more…the temperatures are beginning to rise…it’s time to get that glow!

I don’t know about you, but the winter months have really taken it out of my skin. I’m feeling a bit pale, and it totally gets into my head. Just because I live in Florida does not mean that I am sporting a tan year round. Even though the beach is just a mile down the road I sometimes find it hard to make the time to head out there and enjoy the beauty around me. Anyway, I feel like my skin is a little bit dull at this point, and it just needs a boost. When my skin has a bit of a tan I just feel so much more confident about life in general.

Get that glow

Speaking of warm weather and the beach, Justin and I are currently in the middle of deciding on an actual VACATION some time very soon. It will be the first time in FIVE years we have been on vacation. Do you know how crazy that is? Yes, we’ve traveled here and there for things like conferences, weddings, and other business things…but that isn’t quite a vacation! I want to go somewhere I select myself, and then just sit on a beach with a tropical drink in my hand, unplug from my devices, read a book, and just RELAX. How often do we do that? Pretty much never. I plan to take advantage of every minute. Now the hard part is deciding when and where! I’m ready!

Jergens Natural Glow

Even though we will inevitably end up somewhere warm and beachy, it is always nice to prepare yourself for the summery months, and products like JERGENS® Natural Glow® are just what I need in my arsenal. I can implement their products into my everyday routine to give myself a sunkissed glow before I ever step foot onto a sandy beach. Plus, I can continue using them throughout the year to maintain that slightly bronzed look: win-win!

Jergens Natural Glow

There are an array of products in the JERGENS® Natural Glow® lineup, which makes it easy to select an option perfect for your needs. You can find them at Walmart – they are easily located in the personal care section next to all of the moisturizers! I was drawn to the JERGENS® Natural Glow® FACE Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20 first – my skin can be prone to breakouts when I use certain products, so I always like to use a moisturizer specifically designed for my face rather than one for the body. I love that it includes SPF20, as it is so important to wear sun protection in general…but especially on the face for my day to day activities. Incidental sun can have an impact on your skin, not just the sun you get when you’re at the beach: protect, protect protect! The other option I paired with my facial daily moisturizer was the JERGENS® Natural Glow® 3 Days to Glow™ Moisturizer. Let’s be honest – we like quick results, don’t we? It is made to jump start your color in just three days time. With my skin in its current “blah” state, I knew it would do the trick to give me an all over tan. Let me tell you – you could see a difference after day one. Wow!

I know what you’re thinking: “how do I achieve even color with products like these?” I hear you, I hear you! If you make sure you utilize a few simple steps, you can achieve even, perfect color! First, when you’re preparing your skin, make sure to exfoliate first to ready your skin to absorb the products. Try to use the products sparingly on your elbows, ankles, and between your fingers. Those are the telltale places that a lot of people accidentally “overdo” it on. Maybe only use half the amount of product on those areas just to make sure those dry areas don’t stand out! Even coverage is honestly half the battle: take your time and really make sure you apply the product to every inch of your skin. I know all too well how it can be tempting to rush things – life is busy! But when it comes to this application, take a breath, be thorough, and even wait a few minutes after application before putting your outfit on for the day!

get that glow

Of course, once I have that beautiful glow, it’s time to think about how to present everything else! If we’re going on a vacation, even though Justin and I will be sitting on the beach or at the pool we know there will be evenings that will require getting dressed up for dinner and activities. Although I might like to spend my day makeup-free, the evening is another scenario altogether. When I travel it is important to travel semi-light, and packing an entire array of makeup just is not in the cards. I need extra space for bathing suits, dresses, and more! So, picking out a few items for a simple bronzed glow is just what I need to get me through the times makeup is required. Also, it helps that a simple look like the one I’m sharing only takes a few minutes to achieve!

Jergens Natural Glow

To start, I apply gradual glow moisturizer, a foundation primer, and then a light coat of foundation. Once that is complete, creating a simple bronzed eye takes just three shades in my palette. I base the lid in a light gold hue, the add a bronze eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid. Then, I blend the two gently. After that, a lighter highlight (very light gold or beige) is added to the area under the brow. Next, I fill in my eyebrows with an angled brush and a light brown eyebrow powder. Mascara is then added to the eyelashes in a few quick swipes.

To achieve even more of a glow, I add a few dabs of soft pink liquid highlighter on the top of my cheeks and gently blend it in with my fingers. I then lightly brush a soft pink blush to the apples of my cheeks. To accentuate my tan, I lightly brush a bronze powder to my cheekbones, to the top of my forehead, and down along my jawline (in the shape of a 3 on each side of my face). I like to finish any of my makeup looks off with a translucent finishing powder to keep things set in place! Oh….and don’t forget to add a swipe of lip gloss – I have one with a slightly gold hue that looks great when I’m sporting a bronzed glow!

get that glow

get that glow

…and there you have it! Natural, light, and pretty! Do you have plans for getting a glowing look this spring and summer? Make sure you check out all of the naturally glowing inspiration and let me know what your favorite tricks of the trade are!


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