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Relaxed floral and denim

So, my winter “uniform” this year consisted of leggings, dresses, and boots. If I were to describe my spring “uniform,” it would include items similar to my outfit today.

floral tank skinny jeans outfit

I’m attempting to get as much wear as possible out of my jeans before the Florida humidity kicks in. As soon as that happens, it becomes way too warm and uncomfortable to wear the thick fabric. I transition over to dresses, skirts, and shorts to allow my legs to breathe! But for now – I am enjoying every second of this type of outfit.

floral tank skinny jeans outfit

If blousy shirts go out of style, I think I’ll be in big trouble. They are my favorite thing to pair with skinny jeans for a balanced look. And they’re perfect for date night/dinner. I don’t know about you, but the thought of wearing a shirt or dress that clings close to my stomach makes me a little self conscious when I am going out to eat. With this style, you get the best of both worlds – a slim fit on the bottom with skinny jeans, and a blousy tank on top. All you need are a pair of heels, a fun piece of jewelry, and a clutch. Done.

floral tank skinny jeans outfit


I mean…if you’re like me and plan to eat a big bowl of pasta for dinner (and maybe some bread and an appetizer), having an outfit like this one comes in handy so you still look put together after noshing on a huge meal. Just saying! Disclaimer: I did indeed consume this entire bowl of pasta. Pappardelle with onions, pancetta, mushrooms, peas, and white truffle oil. I honestly could not stop myself from eating every bite.

floral tank skinny jeans outfit

Floral tank: LOFT (similar at LOFT) // Cardigan: Talbots // Skinny jeans: Rich & Skinny, purchased at T.J. Maxx (similar to Toothpick jeans from J.Crew) // Shoes: Carol by ShoeMint // Filigree pendant: c/o Ann Taylor (similar at LOFT) // Envelope clutch: ASOS (similar also at ASOS)

floral tank skinny jeans outfit

What is your favorite outfit to wear in the spring?


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    • It’s funny: I was going through my closet to purge older clothing and I was surprised to see how many shirts I had that were not blousy. Ummm – those went in the “donate” pile pretty fast. Is it because I’m getting older? I have no clue. I just can’t stand to have a clingy shirt fabric. Blousy or peplum for me!

  • I made Carbonara for the first time yesterday after reading your post, and I have to say, it was pretty easy and delicious, Thanks girl!!!!!


  • Cute outfit! I am the same with blousy tops – my fave being the 3/4 sleeved printed variety because they are perfect for the office (even in summer because the a/c is cranked up inside) and so easy to throw on. I actually just bought another one today at lunch, ha! No one can take our blouses 🙂

    • Agreed! Those are pretty much perfect for any season too – works for colder temps, but I like pairing them with shorts when it gets a bit warmer too!

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