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Pumpkin Tomato Sauce

My love for fresh pasta sauce has not yet ended. You might recall a post of mine from earlier in this year when I raved about making fresh pasta sauce and how I did not ever want to buy store bought ever again. Although I still have the “emergency” jar of pasta sauce in my pantry, I have to say – I’ve gone full steam ahead with my plans to make fresh as often as possible. Even though fresh tomato basil sauce is fantastic, it’s time to switch it up a little bit for some variety. Today I have my latest concoction: pumpkin tomato sauce.

pumpkin tomato sauce

…because it is officially fall and that means pumpkin goes into everything you make, right? Well, some things at least! I have been so very tempted to begin some fall baking with pumpkin, but I’ve resisted thus far. I have no self control when it comes to having baked goods in the house. My lack of self control paired with the fact that I work from home is a lethal combination. I already go to Pure Barre classes 5-6 times a week; I don’t need to increase that number to accommodate for too many cookies, breads, and all of the other pumpkin goodness I could create if left to my own devices. Baking is going to be designated for Fridays…when the weekend is about to happen and I have other people around to share my creations with.

pumpkin tomato sauce

Annnnnnyway, I have been tempted to swirl some pumpkin goodness into my pasta sauce for a while now, and I’m very happy with the result of my latest kitchen endeavor. I was lucky enough to find the most amazingly red, fragrant, perfect tomatoes at my local produce market this week: for 69 cents a pound. Um: count me in on that deal! I couldn’t resist picking up a large bag of those beauties to create some sauce. This pumpkin tomato sauce is destined for a repeat appearance in my kitchen throughout the season, I just know it. I love the fusion of the squash with the tomatoes – the sweet and creamy concoction is a yummy one. The fresh basil pesto adds an extra layer of goodness as well. It works oh so simply with a bowl of pasta. Speaking of pasta: this pumpkin tomato sauce is urging me to break out my new pasta press attachment for my stand mixer again. The first time we used it was SO fun and the pasta was extremely delicious. There are 6 different press shapes for the pasta: I think I need to try them all. Soon.

Do you make your own sauces? What are your favorites to make and enjoy?

pumpkin tomato sauce

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