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Our humble abode…

You move into a new apartment/condo/house/etc. After the boxes are unpacked and your items are put in place, the inevitable request comes from family and friends…

“We want to see photos of your new place!”

Eye roll. Dang it all.

The problem with me is that as soon as I clean and make everything look fantastic, I either forget to take pictures or the apartment is instantly messy once again. Laundry piles up in the corner a bit…I forget to make the bed one day…papers stack up on the coffee table…

Well, just to prove that I am indeed a clean, tidy person, I wanted to welcome you in to our humble abode…or at least one room of it.

I absolutely adore our bed. I instantly fell in love with our mosaic print duvet cover from Crate & Barrel. I had to have it. Paired with the sea glass pillow shams…perfection (for me).

My mom and I found my beautiful black headboard in the scratch and dent section in the back of a furniture store. There were no scratches or dents on it…it was just missing the finial balls on the top of each pole. For $45 we took it home with us, and a quick trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and a $15 pair of finials later, the headboard was complete!

Three crackled green candles sit on our bedside stand, along with our clear bubble lamp with black lampshade. I snagged the lamp (and its twin that sits on our dresser) at Kirklands a few years ago, then found the square shades to match.

It would be almost impossible to keep the tops of our dressers completely clean. There may be a few perfume bottles on there…oops.

I also adore our stainless steel fan. We desperately needed one to circulate the air in our room this summer, and I was really hesitant to purchase some of the ugly plastic ones in the store. I fell in love with the look of this one, and I’ve kept it out on our dresser even though we won’t be using it for a few months.

And last but not least, my little friends. I found these blue vases at (surprise) T.J. Maxx one day for $6 a piece. What a steal, right???

And this little peanut? I stumbled upon this adorable mercury glass owl at (again) T.J. Maxx mixed in with the Halloween decor this year. $4.99? Yes please.

So um…there you have it! It isn’t much, but it makes us happy for the time being! Maybe one day…in a future house/apartment, we will get around to putting something on the walls (did you notice that the walls are bare? Yep.). Perhaps if I ever get around to cleaning the rest of the apartment one day, I’ll invite you in there as well!

What do you love about your bedroom?


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