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My husband is forgetful sometimes

So…we’ve been married for a total of 2 months (as of last Friday). 2 months=8 weeks=60 days to wear our new wedding bands.

I’ll admit it: in the course of our engagement, I did forget to put my engagement ring on a few times when we left the house. In the past 416 days (yes…I did the math…nerd), I would say it happened more than 3 times, but definitely less than 10. I do happen to be one of those girls who doesn’t wear her rings at all times. When I get home, they are off my hand and in their box/safe place immediately. I’m pretty adamant about cleaning them regularly and keeping them in amazing condition.

Anyway, back to the husband. Before the wedding, he never wore rings on a regular basis, so I can understand how this “change” in his routine could throw him off a bit. He doesn’t wear a watch, so putting on “accessories” in the morning other than shirt, pants, and shoes is somewhat foreign to him.

But, I have to laugh and shake my head when he leaves for work in the morning and I walk into our bedroom to see this:

An abandoned…sad little ring…sitting on our dresser. I know he doesn’t do it on purpose, but I do have to razz him just a bit; in the past 60 days he has forgotten his ring more times than I have in the past year. Punk. But…he is getting used to wearing it, slowly but surely.

Does anyone else out there have trouble remembering to wear their ring(s)? How about your significant other? Please tell me Justin isn’t the only offender.


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  • My husband used to forget his ALL the time right after we got married, so I got him one of those silver-plated animal ring holders and put it on the bathroom sink right next to his daily grooming supplies. Now, not only does he always know where his ring is, he never forgets it!

  • I’m like you – once I’m home, my rings just like my other jewelry is off. And on lazy Saturdays (and, um, Sundays) there is a good chance I never put them on. Rick forgets his sometimes when he’s leaving and sometimes if I take mine off in a weird place, by the kitchen sink, I’ll forget it while we’re running out the door. On much more than 1 occasion one of us will notice the other one’s empty finger and turn the car around at the end of our street and run back in to get them!

  • I pretty much assume B will forget his multiple times. He can barely keep his watch on, let alone remember to put it on to begin with.

  • I’ve been wondering this too. He already wears an Irish Claddagh ring, but it’s on his right hand. He’s not used to wearing anything on his left. He rarely wears a watch too, so it’ll be interesting to see how he is with his wedding band.

  • I only take my rings off to workout and shower. I feel guilty when I wake up in the morning and I don’t have it on because I forgot to put it back on. We have to take our rings off and leave them in our built-in glass cabinet (bathroom) because the cats will think they are new toys.

    T has taken his ring off several times and forgotten it, but he always feels bad afterwards.

  • I’ve probably only forgotten mine the same as yours, less than 10 for sure. I used to wear it all the time but the little prongies caught my blanket and it got really dirty so I got my giraffe holder and take it off right before bed and put it on post-shower & makeup-doing.

    B just keeps his on all the time. Is this an option for your hubby? Since there are no stones/prongs his stays safe and not-messed-up… perhaps an option?

  • I only take mine off when I shower or I feel like I’m going to forget/loose them. Mark never takes his off because of the same reason. However, one day he “lost” it and freaked out. It ended up being wedged between couch cushions. No clue how that happened

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