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Lucia: Queen of the World!

Sunny afternoons are a wonderful time for my little Lucia. I typically let her out in the backyard for a while (at her request) so she can bask in the sunshine. She can’t get enough of the fenced in backyard, and I can’t say I’m upset about that.

Lucia Australian Shepherd

Except for when I want to attempt taking a few pictures of her and she becomes not so pleased. You see…I had the idea that I wanted to take a few shots next to the enormous tree in our backyard, so I tried coaxing her over.

Lucia Australian Shepherd 7

Well, the tree is in the shade…and Lucia was NOT having any of it. She glumly walked over to the tree, but I swear…you can see it in her eyes: she was not too tickled about it.

Lucia Australian Shepherd

Seriously: can you see it? Resentment. And how she decided to stare longingly at the other side of the yard covered in sunshine…

Lucia Australian Shepherd

I mean, maybe it was just a little bit of blue steel. She was giving me “fierce.”

Lucia Australian Shepherd

Anyway, when Lucia finally decided to stand up on the tree roots, I couldn’t help but think she looked a little bit – regal? She looks like the queen of the world…staring down across her land. The land, in this case, being the backyard.

Lucia Australian Shepherd

Sorry Lucia. I’ll do my best not to disturb you when you’re laying in the sun in the future.

Do your pets like to bask in the sunshine outdoors?



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