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Kicking the Caffeine Habit

I almost can’t believe I am able to say this: I have kicked my caffeine habit. Hopefully once and for all.

It’s been two weeks and 5 days since I’ve had a “regular” caffeinated beverage. For years I was proud of the fact I’d never grown to enjoy coffee or tea. I drink the occasional latte or Frappuccino, but it’s usually once a month or less. I don’t have a morning coffee/tea – neither does Justin. I always laugh because I am convinced I found the one man in the world who doesn’t want to drink coffee in the morning. We don’t even have a coffee maker in our home. So sorry, anyone who comes to visit us…

Diet Coke kicking the caffeine habit

My one vice: a soda at lunch time. I admit, I became addicted to it over the years. Although I never needed caffeine to wake myself up in the morning, I would hit the midday slump and required a Diet Coke or another beverage to give me that boost for the second half of the day. I knew it was a bad habit, but I justified it daily because it was the ONLY caffeine I was having regularly. Everyone else has morning coffee: why can’t I have my daily Diet Coke? It has been the one beverage other than water I’ve enjoyed over the years. I’ve never been a fan of sports drinks, energy drinks, smoothies, fruit punch, or other beverages.

Ay yi yi. Since I’ve been working from home I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to break myself of this addiction. I knew it wouldn’t come easy; I’d attempted in the past with poor results. But I was determined this time, and I think it just might stick this go-round.

I’m not going to lie: the first week with no caffeine was brutal. Like any addiction, I was going through withdrawal. I started my first day on a Saturday so I wouldn’t notice quite so much. We were busy and running around – I didn’t even notice. Sunday was much the same. Then, on Monday when I went back to my work routine it hit me like a freight train. I would make it through the lunch hour, but at around 3pm Monday through Wednesday I would hit a wall. A wall so hard it rendered me unable to do work and I had to lay down for a 20 minute power nap.  Afterward, I’d feel much better. The rest of the week was a bit better, and the weekend went as usual. The second week that wall never did come around to smacking me in the face. Relief! I’m now almost all the way through week three and I don’t have any hints of an afternoon slump occurring. I’m back to regular functionality.

I will admit though: I am still craving a Diet Coke. A lot. We still have cans in our refrigerator (talk about a lesson in self control. Do I win an award for this?), and I look at them longingly at lunch time. But I know I have to go cold turkey for a few weeks to get myself into good habits before starting the “occasional” Diet Coke routine. I’m going to be honest: I’m not giving it up completely. I know I’ll still want to enjoy a soda every once in a while, and I’m totally fine with that happening. Once a week, perhaps? Everything in moderation, right? I am just happy to say I am not reliant on a daily dose of caffeine to to get me through, and that I’m not ingesting whatever chemicals are involved in the soda on a regular basis. I am calling that a huge success!

Have you tried to give up caffeinated drinks? How did you do?


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  • I don’t have a coffee maker in the house either. For guests I usually offer to take them to Starbucks in the morning if they need their coffee fix. I figure the $4 I spend on coffee maybe twice a year in that instance is worth it compared to keeping supplies and a coffee maker in the house that I won’t use myself. I am an occasional tea and soda drinker. I will drink something from a coffee shop as a treat but only about once a month. I may have 2 sodas a week and although I tend to drink tea daily, I usually switch back and forth from caffeine to decaf. I am afraid of becoming addicted to caffeine, so I am careful about how much of it I drink. You can do this. Just trick yourself with caffeine free diet coke for a while if you need to. 🙂 And get enough sleep! For me, the magic number is 8 hours and I just make sure to go to bed on time. It sounds crazy to me that people would rather stay up late and then use coffee to get them through the next that. Doing that makes me feel like a zombie.

    • I think that is a smart move! I don’t foresee myself having a coffee maker of any kind in the future. I don’t have the space in my kitchen to accommodate it!

      So far, I’ve had only one Diet Coke now…and boy oh boy did it taste different! It is crazy to realize how much those sweeteners hijack your tastebuds…

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