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I Heart Cake

I don’t know why, but I have been craving cake oh so badly this week. I don’t really make/eat cake all that often, so when there is an excuse to do so, I jump on it. In my quest to satisfy my desire for the goodness of cake this week, I happened upon some photos from earlier this year. More specifically: my mom’s birthday (and her cake)!

My mom loves coconut, so when I saw Amanda from i am baker’s gorgeous layered cake with coconut, I knew that I wanted to replicate it. It was my mom’s birthday after all, and I wanted to make something different and special!

I’ll show you the inside in a moment, but I felt so fancy when I put a crumb coat on the cake before actually frosting it. I’ve never crumb coated a cake before…should I admit that?

I coated the outside of the cake with coconut. It was so dreamy.

It was pretty on the outside…but pretty on the inside too…

Oooh do you see that? White cake AND chocolate cake…the best of both worlds!

It might not have been as perfect as Amanda’s cake that inspired me, but judging by the fact that almost half the cake was eaten that evening by my parents, Justin, and me…I’d say it wasn’t too shabby.

chocolate and vanilla coconut cake

And of course, thinking about this cake again has only made me crave a slice of cake even more…

What’s your favorite kind of cake?


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