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Happy Holidays!

Well, if you haven’t noticed: things have been pretty quiet over here lately. The past week and a half has been a bit of a whirlwind! We’ve spend the past week traveling, attending my brother’s wedding, spending time with family, and working on some projects around the house. Aside from putting a few posts up on Instagram, I’ve been somewhat unplugged for the week. Kind of a nice thing around the holidays though!

Lucia dog with reindeer antlers

…we experienced record high temperatures on the 21st for my brother’s wedding. Who would have thought it would be over 80 degrees?

Wedding photos

On the way home from Ft. Myers I had us pull over to get some frozen custard from Culver’s. They recently opened a few locations in Florida, and I HAD to experience the amazing smooth dessert goodness I used to get as a kid. SO good. So so good. Some quality time by the Christmas tree has been fantastic in the past few days as well. I am going to be so sad to take it down once the holidays are over. Wah!

Culvers and Christmas Tree

And of course, there has been an abundance of food going on in the house lately. From a cannoli tart, to homemade pasta, to an insanely good cheesy pull apart bread, I’ve been a bit out of control. I’m going to need some veggie and fruit detox very soon…

Christmas food

I hope everyone out there is enjoying time with family and friends! What have you been up to this holiday season?

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