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Florida State Fair: The Animals

Ok, so I already melted your heart with photos of piglets…but there are many more adorable animals from the fair where those little cuties came from!

At the fair, there was a very very large “petting zoo” tent filled to the brim with farm animals! You could buy cups of pellets to feed the little ones, or you could just walk through and pet animals to your heart’s content. This little guy wanted to feed the baby goats, but the mommy goat kept butting in to steal the food!

The baby sheep were also ridiculously adorable!

Then…in the very back of the tent, we came upon something oh so very cool – the “Mooternity Ward.”

See that baby cow? Well – he was all of FOUR hours old! Yep – apparently you could watch the birth earlier that morning. Not really my cup of tea, but it was amazing to see this little guy! It was hard to imagine that he was born that very day: he was already standing up and was SO big!

This little cow had been born the previous day! His googly eyes were kind of freaky…

How about this cutie patootie?

And these little babes were totally stylin with their neon colored halters…

Then came some more…intimidating guys. This longhorn was plotting something…

I was particularly fond of this Brazilian cow – it looks like he put on some eye makeup, right???

After our trek through the petting tent, we headed into the rabbit and poultry barn. There was a man and his wife set up in the corner with a pair of angora rabbits. Apparently, you are able to brush their hair out and weave it into cloth. These rabbits were so so funny looking, and I had to hold one after seeing this cute little girl…

The rabbit was SO calm, I was shocked! The red eyes freaked me out, but I would totally sit on the couch and cuddle this guy any day!

Then, we oohed and ahhed over these tiny baby bunnies…

There were SO many different birds and poultry on display at the fair. I had no idea that so many different types of chicken existed. I mean – check this guy out! He’s a Japanese chicken, and I think he totally looks like a dinosaur…

Then, we took a look at some fancy pigeons with what looked to be fur collars and feathered bell bottoms…

Out on the midway, there was a fenced in pen featuring a few bears…you could pay to feed them. This guy was in the enclosure with the bears, and I was seriously wondering how he hadn’t lost a finger yet, because the bears constantly had his hand in their mouths…

Then, it was time for one more animal tent: the dogs!

And this little guy absolutely made me want to own a Visla – isn’t he beautiful???

What is your favorite animal to see at the fair?


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  • ACK! You totally slayed me with the shelties. We had a sheltie and he was seriously the best dog in the world. When I was in college, the state’s largest fair was held in my college town, and my favorite part was always the bunnies and the dogs.

  • Ahhh! Cuteness overload! I can’t get over those super furry bunnies!!

    The dogs would have been my favorite too, but I love all of them!

  • The hubby and I like to watch the trick dog show! Unfortunately, the hubs goes home and wants our dogs to perform tricks and acts all goofy for a few days.

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