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Flamingo Friday (and a bear too)


Happy Friday everyone! How about you start enjoying the weekend with some pretty pink flamingos?



Aren’t they so pretty? I wish I could find these hanging out in my backyard. I mean…we do live in Florida…oh well.

Also, this is random, but I thought I’d share another cool shot I managed to get when we were at the Lowry Park Zoo – this bear clearly had the right idea to take a swim (seriously, it was scorching hot outside: I kind of wanted to join him).


I guess we were in the right place at the right time, because all of a sudden you could tell he had his eye on something. There are tons of huge fish (they remind me of koi…bright orange and white) in the pond, and he had his sights set on one. He got very still and then: WHAM!

Sad to say (for the bear), he didn’t actually catch the fish. However, it was exciting to see!

Are there any animals you wish you were able to see in your own backyard (such as….flamingos)?

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  • Love those flamingo pictures! And I always tell my husband that I’d like a pet penguin in the back yard! We could turn our fountain into an ice bath for him!

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