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Feathered Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have some wonderful plans in store for the holiday weekend. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some brightly colored feathered friends with you…seeing as it has been raining here in Florida non-stop since last Saturday…

These little budgies are found at the Lowry Park Zoo – you can enter their enclosure, get up close and personal, and even feed them if you’re brave enough! I’ll admit: birds scare me a little bit. I blame it on a particular person’s ornery parrot that flew freely around the house when I was a child. It terrified me.

The budgies aren’t the only feathered creatures in that enclosure…there were a few pompous looking chickens in there as well…

And…there was this little beauty: I’m just going to assume it’s a female, because she is just so darn pretty…almost like a mini peacock!

So, I hope those feathered friends managed to brighten up your day (I know they do it for me)!

I hope you have some great plans in store for the holiday weekend; what will you be up to?


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