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Feathered Friday, part two

Happy Friday, once again! It is pouring down rain in my neck of the woods today, so I might need to get my inflatable raft out to paddle to work. Yikes! That, or I might have to take after some of these guys and just swim it…

I love penguins. They are so darn cute…looking so dapper yet so goofy at the same time.

See this guy? He totally stole my heart. The zookeeper told us that he loses his feathers because he has allergies and itches. Poor little dude!

I found it quite impressive and clever how the zookeepers keep track of the penguins. Each of the birds has a colored ring or two on one of their wings. If it is on the left: its a male, on the right: a female! Then, the different colors further indicate the name of the bird. Apparently they have to keep a close eye on how much each penguin eats; each bird is allowed a different amount and type of fish. Who knew? I loved how they all hopped out of the water and lined up in front of the zookeeper as soon as she appeared with her cooler of fish!

Oh penguins, look at them…acting all fancy…

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! And: how much do you love penguins? Don’t lie: you know you do…


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