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Farm Animal Friday

Happy Friday my friends! I have something special to share with you today.

It’s a llama.

She’s on a leash. She also is adorned with a necklace made of fake flowers. You can pet her. Somehow, I got roped into it.

I’m not going to lie: I was kind of scared. What if she bit me? Ok…so that was probably an unfounded fear; she WAS part of a children’s petting zoo. Hey…you never know though! Anyway, when I hesitated to pet little lady llama, her handler took things into her own hands; she grabbed my wrist and literally placed my hand on the llama’s back (hence the shock you see on my face)!

Onlookers asked me how the fur felt. I reported that it was surprisingly soft…

I look ridiculous. It’s the truth.

I think we like each other now…kind of.

Hope you are off to a wonderful weekend! What are your plans?


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  • I went home for Thanksgiving to learn my parents got a llama. It was strange to see it staring at us when we got out of our car.

    My husband’s family used to have a male and female llama when he was in high school. One day the female got pissed off at the male llama and spit at it…the male ducked and my father-in-law got a face full of llama spit!

  • These pictures are hilarious … your face is priceless. Also, maybe the llama liked you because your shirt looked a little like his fur coat. It’s a cute top by the way, it must still be warm in Florida though, I’m jealous of your bare arms 🙂

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