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Fall Squash Soup for #SundaySupper

Oh fall: you’re here. Not necessarily in temperature (although last night it was SERIOUSLY nice – no humidity, and we sat on the porch with a glass of wine for a while. Glorious!), but in spirit. I am so ready to get into the swing even more with some of my recipes. Fall is one of those times I really enjoy eating a bowl of soup with a big green salad for dinner, and I knew the first one I had to create would be a fall squash soup. I couldn’t resist.

fall squash soup

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed some shifts with my cooking and eating habits. I don’t know if it is my age or if I just had a moment of clarity, but the concept of eating more whole foods and less processed foods has really become a goal of mine. I’ve thought harder about what it is I am putting into my body. Is my food filled with chemicals and ingredients I can’t even pronounce? Do I even know what they are or how they affect me?

fall squash soup

The pantry purge began. I decided to inform myself a bit more on what I was ingesting. Our home was relatively low on processed foods in general, but there were (and are) some exceptions. Everyone will have them. Thankfully, I have a grocery store/market routine that seems to work well for me: stick to the outskirts of the store. I would say 90% of my grocery cart is filled with produce, along with dairy products. I have to venture to the interior aisles to grab some essentials like rice and beans, but I try to avoid the processed foods as much as possible and stick to products with ingredients I can read and understand. The more food without labels (aka produce), the better!

organic vegetable broth ingredients

And when I do have to include pre-made ingredients, it is ideal when I can find something that I could feasibly create on my own. For example – the vegetable broth included in this soup. I know I could make it myself, but the organic vegetable broth I picked up is clearly something that I could make. But hey – I didn’t have time for that and I don’t feel guilty about it! But it did get me thinking about how I should create some of my own vegetable broth for future recipes. It shouldn’t be hard, right?

Of course, I’m not going to be perfect. Case in point: although I DID give up soda/caffeine, I’m still going to drink one every once in a while. And sometimes a little indulgence is totally fine.

fall squash soup

But why go for processed foods when you can have really wonderful, flavorful unprocessed items made with whole foods? Honestly, I find fresh to be best. Could you go an entire month without eating any processed foods? That’s the question I’m curious about today, and honestly I don’t think it’s as hard as you’d think at first! Today, the Sunday Supper family is partnering up with the October Unprocessed challenge to provide you with recipes containing no processed ingredients. There is a lot of inspiration to be had – make sure you check them out!

This fall squash soup is certainly simple, and it can be served up as a main course for a fall evening. Alternately, it would make a great side dish or appetizer. This recipe made enough for about 6 servings, so you may even find yourself with some leftovers. It makes a great next day lunch, paired with a salad on the side or a panini to dip. The consistency is thick enough to coat your spoon, but not so much that you can stand your spoon in it. Warm and comforting – I am loving it.

What is your favorite fall soup to enjoy?

fall squash soup

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