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Easy orange rind drink garnish

What is it about a drink garnish that just makes it that much more special? For some reason, I always feel a bit fancier when my beverage features a pretty twirl of orange peel, a twist of lime, or the like. Although they aren’t always necessary, I think it’s fun to play around with citrus rinds every once in a while to create something fun. So today I am bringing you a tutorial for an easy orange rind drink garnish!

orange rind drink garnish 3

You may recognize these little orange rind garnishes from the brunch photos a little while back.

brunch mimosa

I wanted to jazz up the mimosas just a little bit, and they were the perfect little touch that was easy to create!

Cutting Orange

To start, you need an orange! Use a paring knife to cut the orange in half.

Cutting Orange Rind

Once the orange is sliced in half, carefully cut thin, round slices from the center (1/4 to 1/8 inch thick, approximately).

Cutting Orange Rind 2

Use the paring knife to carefully trim the rind and white part of the rind from the exterior of the orange slice.

Orange Rind Drink Garnish

Hold the sliced rind in your hands and carefully tie it into a knot. Trim off any excess, and mold the knot a bit to achieve a circular shape (instead of the pretzel shape you get from the initial knot).

Orange Cranberry Mimosa

Then, it’s time to pour your beverage! You could use these on a number of different drinks and glasses, but for this one, I decided to make a cranberry orange mimosa. I filled a champagne flute with orange juice and a splash of cranberry juice, then filled the rest of the glass with sparkling wine. Yum!

orange rind drink garnish 2

Slide the orange rind knot onto the rim of your beverage glass. The knot shape will keep it snugly in place!

orange rind drink garnish 5

Now, sit back and enjoy your handiwork! I feel just a bit fancier when I have one of these garnishes on the side of my drink. Heck, I’d even slip one onto my regular glass of orange juice on the weekends: it’s not just for cocktails!

What is YOUR favorite drink garnish?


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