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Yes, it is September. And yes, I am still wearing breezy tank tops and shorts…as much as humanly possible.

breezy tank and shorts outfit 2

On Saturday, Justin and I were marveling at how nice it was outside as we walked to the gym for our morning workout. It was the perfect beach day, or so we thought. As soon as we placed our chairs in the sand, we realized it was scorching hot beyond belief. We lasted a little over an hour before feeling like our skin was going to melt off. Perhaps in a few more weeks it will be perfect sun and sand weather…but for now I am attempting to keep cool as best I can. That means: breezy tanks (like this favorite from my closet) paired with shorts and sandals. It may be simple, but it does the trick right about now.

breezy tank and shorts outfit

Ruffled tank: purchased at Target (previous season) // Chino shorts with 5″ inseam: purchased at J.Crew (previous season, current season here) // Handbag: Urban Expressions (similar at DSW) // Beaded sandals: MixIT, purchased at JCPenney (previous season, similar here)

breezy tank and shorts outfit

On a side note, I have to say the hardest part about transitioning out of working from home is leaving Lucia home during the day. I know she’s technically fine…and even when I was at home she slept pretty much the entire day…but it still pulls at my heartstrings a bit. Being able to lay out and catch some rays in our backyard is a thing reserved for weekends for my Lu. Thankfully, I get home in the afternoon many days, and there is still time for her to enjoy some time outside before night falls.

…and I’m just going to make sure she gets extra snuggles when I am home.

Do you feel bad about leaving your pets at home during the work day?


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  • I always feel bad when I leave Boo. And he’s a cat….I cannot imagine the transition of leaving Lucia home. I can tell you one thing, I am OVER this heat. I cannot wait until it cools down a bit!

  • What an adorable tank! I definitely feel bad about leaving my dogs at home, especially when one of them sulks to their crate. I wish I could work from home more often!

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