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Come on now buddy…

I just have to share this photo with you. As I was driving to work the other day, I spotted this car in front of me at a red light, and I had to snap a photo as proof.

In case you can’t see it clearly, this person has used letter stickers to post a message on the back of his/her car…and it reads:

Keep safe distance

If you can read this your too close – please

Then, on the right hand side (I couldn’t fit it in the picture) it says “Thanks.”

All I have to say is: if I can read this, I am ALSO close enough to see that you have affixed incorrect grammar to the back of your car (it should be you’re or you are, not your). Sigh.


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  • Argh, the worst! I saw a sign on a restaurant here that stuck a random apostrophe in the word “fans” – did these people not graduate high school? How exactly do you graduate successfully not knowing correct grammar?

  • hahaha that is hilarious. Serious anger towards tailgating. That could be seen as more dangerous because now people will be straining (or tailgating!) to see what it says on their car. The whole you’re your thing drives me nuts too though. With the exception of twitter where I tend to use “ur” for both to save characters… so be warned 😉

    • Mila – that is exactly what I thought! I was trying really hard to read what the car said…I had to get close to discern it!

  • Wow, someone is a little paranoid about being rear ended AND advertising their bad grammar on their car!

    Is it weird that upon seeing that I would be a little tempted to rear end them just because?

  • YES! The first thing I noticed when I started reading this post was the your vs. you’re. HUGE pet peeve! 🙂

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