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Chili Cook Off

Do you ever start a week and then immediately realize you didn’t have a chance to relax the entire weekend before? That is kind of how I feel this week. My weekend was consumed with a little event that happened on Sunday. I was a part of a chili cook off. Who  would have thought?

chili cook off

To be honest, I was surprised to even be a part of the event! I submitted my poblano turkey chili recipe on a whim when the sponsors tweeted to me about it. A few weeks later, I received a call telling me I was a regional finalist. Ok then!

chili cook off

Here’s the thing: I’m insanely competitive…but I am not much for competing in things like this. If I can master a skill and be judged on that, I’m all over it. If it is something I can practice and I know I can be prepared to destroy in…let me at it. Chili cook offs though? The results are totally up to personal taste. So, I just decided to go in with a good attitude and hope that my chili was awesome enough for other people to like. Plus: I’d never been in a cook off before. There’s a first time for everything! Mark that one off my bucket list.

chili cook off

Of course, even though I make this recipe on the regular, I happened to botch my first batch on Saturday night and was forced to start a second one. The finished product was still not my best work for some reason. Probably because I was scrutinizing everything to the finest detail, in comparison to when I’m making it on some random Tuesday night and am literally just throwing the ingredients into the pot and tasting as I go.

chili cook off condiments

And in the end, it didn’t matter who won and lost (my chili did not win, by the way): I do LOVE my chili and think it’s a winner. I make it all the time for family and friends. The topping combination of cheese, cilantro, and fresh guacamole are unique as well. And seriously: if you haven’t put guacamole on your chili before, do it. Thank me later.

chili cook off

Next time though…I’d prefer it to not be 85 degrees and in a tent outside when I make my chili again. Isn’t it mid-November? Florida has NOT received the memo.

Have you competed in a cook off competition of some kind? What was it?


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  • Such perfect timing, we’re having a chili cook off at work today for charity! I’m hoping that my veggies aren’t total mush since it’s had to be in the crock pot all night and morning. At least DC has chili weather today.

  • Oh bummer! I have competed in a Arroz con Pollo cooking contest in Ybor before and did not win. Although I won the popular vote among people who were just out to watch. My station had everyone willing around it while everyone else had none. Boo-yah! So, yeah, like you, I think my dish is a winner anyway!!

    • Personal tastes are so different, it’s so hard to judge! I do have to say: I was the first person to run out of chili, and everyone was scooping my guacamole…so at least I had that going for me…

  • It’s awesome you were in a chili cookoff! Congraulations! It’s a bummer you didn’t win, but now you’ll be extra prepared for next time. Oh, and I’ll trade on the weather. 85 is much better than 35 or 45!

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