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Chicken Involtini with Marsala Sauce

So, my life happened to get a lot busier over the past few weeks. The adjustment period has been in full swing, and most nights I’ve looked back on my day and realized I haven’t had the chance to stop/slow down one bit. I wake up earlier than Justin, get ready, head to work, return home, spend a few minutes with Lucia, go to the gym, make dinner, work on the blog/social media projects, and then if I have some time I might get the chance to watch a TV show or two before collapsing into bed. Most of our weeknight dinners have turned into the “easy and quick” recipes that are tried and true. And that’s ok…until I get settled in a bit more.

chicken involtini with marsala

However, when I have time to make a recipe that yields leftovers, I find myself taking the extra steps. This chicken involtini with Marsala sauce combines some of my absolute favorite savory food elements, and the recipe creates enough for at least two dinners in our home. You’ve got herbed chicken, stuffed with salty prosciutto, sweet roasted red peppers, basil, and creamy provolone cheese, grilled to a golden brown. It’s a taste treat, if you ask me. For the longest time I’ve only baked stuffed chicken in the oven…for some reason it took until recently to branch out with the grill! I recommend it.

chicken involtini with marsala

To be honest: the chicken involtini would be absolutely delicious on its own. The flavor from the grill paired with the sweet, salty, and savory stuffing is such a great combination. But, the Marsala sauce is an addition we truly enjoyed in our house. Not to mention the fact that it is an excuse to add mushrooms to the dish…and Justin is always a fan of that!

chicken involtini with marsala

The side dish pairings are expansive with this dish as well. One night, I served it with some rosemary and garlic quinoa and a spring mix salad….another night I served the leftovers with steamed broccoli and some whole wheat pasta. A delicious main course that you don’t have to repeat exactly when you eat leftovers? Yummo, is all I have to say.

Do you have favorite fillings for chicken?

chicken involtini with marsala

Chicken Involtini with Marsala Sauce

***Makes 4***


4 boneless skinless chicken breasts pounded thin, or chicken breast cutlets

8 provolone cheese slices

12 fresh basil leaves

1 roasted red pepper, sliced

4 thin slices prosciutto di parma

Kitchen twine

Fresh rosemary, chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

Marsala sauce (recipe here)


1. Preheat your grill. As it heats up, prepare your stuffed chicken breasts.

2. Use thin chicken breast cutlets, or use a meat tenderizer/mallet to pound your chicken breasts into pieces about 1/4 inch thick. They can be thicker, but keep in mind it will increase the cooking time necessary.

3. Arrange chicken breast cutlets on a baking sheet/pan. To each cutlet, layer 2 slices of provolone cheese, 1/4 of the roasted red pepper slices, 3 fresh basil leaves, and 1 slice of prosciutto di parma on the center of the chicken.

4. Carefully fold in the top corners and roll the chicken lengthwise so you can no longer see the stuffing (kind of like a burrito). Wrap and tie at least two pieces of kitchen twine around the ends of the chicken to hold the stuffed cutlet in place.

5. Season with salt, pepper, and chopped rosemary. Then, grill for about 15 minutes until cooked through, making sure to flip the involtinis half way through so all sides are browned. As the chicken is grilling, prepare the Marsala sauce.

6. Cut/remove the twine from the cooked involtinis. Serve your stuffed chicken topped with Marsala sauce. Enjoy!

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