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Baby animals melt my heart

When Justin and I visited the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa recently, I took a lot of pictures. A lot. Honestly, I want to share each and every one of them with you, but I fear it might be annoying. So, I am going to start off by showing you something insanely adorable.

Justin pretty much had to drag me away from the orangutan enclosure on that day. First of all, any apes/monkeys are always my favorite animals to view when I’m at a zoo. They are so fascinating!

This guy looks like he’s homeless; I think he was just trying to stay out of the sun…

However, when there are BABY apes/monkeys…I hope you don’t have anywhere else you need to be, because I’ll be parking my little butt as close to them as possible and giggling like a little school girl over how cute they are. And guess what? Lucky me: there was a baby orangutan present at the zoo! Oh man, was this little guy the most adorable thing ever…

Do you remember when everyone was sharing their “Blogger ABCs” back in March? I was really excited when I realized that the adorable baby orangutan I’d taken pictures of a few years ago is growing up! How cool is that?

But really, what I wanted to look at was the baby. Cutest…thing…everrrrr.

Are you dying from cuteness overload? I am. But: if you want more, you can see some more photos on my Facebook fan page.

What is your favorite animal to view at the zoo?


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