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An Under the Sink Makeover, plus Palmolive® Multi-Surface

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Under the sink makeover

It has happened to many of us at some point in time: plumbing issues. They never occur at a convenient time, do they? We recently had some major trouble with our kitchen sink when Justin and I discovered our faucet was leaking. One afternoon when we opened the cabinet below our sink, water poured out onto our kitchen floor and flooded it. We spent an hour or so cleaning everything out from under the sink, drying it off, and trying to fix the problem. In the end, we had to call a plumber and ended up installing a new faucet. In the end, everything was fixed, and inspiration struck. I was going to take this plumbing disaster and make it into an opportunity for an under the sink makeover.

Under the sink makeover

I am about to show you what the underside of my sink looks like. This makes me nervous. But I have to show you the before so you can appreciate the after. Gulp…here goes nothing:

Under the sink makeover

If you look underneath your sink, how many different bottles of cleaning solutions do you own? I know in my case, the total is quite large. I have separate products for every surface, for different cleaning purposes, even for different seasons. Why, oh why do I need so many different items? Surely there are some solutions that can allow me to compress the amount of items I store under my sink, plus help me reduce my time cleaning the kitchen each day. The more “me-time” I can get, the better!

Under the sink makeover

I found my answer in a product from Palmolive®: Palmolive® Multi Surface! Let’s talk about how genius this product is. It is formulated to clean both dishes AND kitchen surfaces. How amazing is that? It combines two of my kitchen cleaning staples into one simple and easy to use product, which makes my life easier…and keeps the area underneath my sink less cluttered.

Palmolive Multi Surface

I was able to easily pick up a bottle for myself at Walmart: it was located right by all of the other dish soap products! Palmolive® Multi Surface eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (*staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica and E. coli ((157:H7)) from dishes and hard non porous kitchen surfaces, which gives me peace of mind when I’m in the kitchen. It is one of the most important places in my home that I want to keep perfectly sanitary, so I enjoy that I can be sure that both my dishes and my counter tops are safe!

Under the sink makeover

So – on to the under the sink makeover! My old habit was to simply shove every cleaning item under the sink. There was no rhyme or reason to where things went: I simply threw them under the sink and went about my business. However, when the time would come for me to find a specific item, I would find myself down on my hands and knees, reaching to the back of the kitchen sink. It wasn’t fun for my body, and it took time out of my day. UGH! So – I acquired two simple items to help organize my products (including my new Palmolive® Multi Surface).

Under the sink makeover

First up: a wooden crate! It sounds simple, but placing your under the sink items in a crate or box can keep them in line: they won’t fall over as easily, and if you are looking for a specific product, you can simply pull the entire crate out from under the sink and locate it without crawling to the back of the cabinet. Time savers: I love them! I found this simple wooden crate and knew it would be the perfect size for under our sink…plus it looks super cute! My Palmolive® Multi Surface now has its own perfect little home in there.

Under the sink makeover

My second easy fix for under the sink: a tension rod! This simple little item is a life saver for storage! I simply added the tension rod towards the front of the sink cabinet, then used it as a hanging rod for my spray bottles.

Under the sink makeover

Since that space under the sink is usually just empty and unused, it really helps with creating an organized area! In addition, the spray bottles are easier to reach this way: I can just open the cabinet door, grab, and go!

Under the sink makeover

All in all, I am pretty pleased with how my under the sink makeover turned out! I have to say: turning my plumbing disaster into something positive was just what I needed!

Do you have any tips for organizing your kitchen? How would you use your extra “me-time” by using Palmolive® Multi Surface?


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  • Under my sink looks more like your before! We have a built in soap dispenser into our sink and it just ran out. I haven’t refilled it yet because I have to get under the sink to do it and I just can’t get to it with all the stuff. I guess this weekend I will be cleaning it out! The wooden crate is genius! #client

  • Your before wasn’t that bad! 🙂 If I see my closet that is under the sink I feel bad! I definitely need to clan and organize it better! I have never tried the Palmolive multi surface cleaner and I am very curious! Thanks for the post! 🙂

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