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2010: My Year in Review

Well, I’m a bandwagon jumper…after seeing a lot of amazing posts on how wonderful everyone’s 2010 went, I thought I’d try to look back on what I was up to…


In January, I started the life changing journey of blogging for Weddingbee as Miss Buttons (now Mrs. of course)! I cant imagine NOT being a part of this amazing community…it is awesome. As I sat inside our little apartment in Virginia with snow accumulating outside, my archives were posted, and I succumbed to comment addiction. It’s like crack, y’all.


Still in Virginia…Justin and I started building our wedding registries. Then, we encountered a little “registry surprise” when a Bumbo baby sitter and baby blankets mysteriously appeared on our registry.

We booked an amazing honeymoon at The Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica…cue foreboding music…


Also – Justin and I packed up our apartment and moved back to the Sunshine State! Yay warm weather!


After what seemed like an endless search – I found shoes for my bridesmaids to wear. Whew! I contemplated Justin’s wedding band, and dreamed of decorating the mantles at our wedding venue.


I attempted to give you a French manicure/pedicure tutorial. I decided to take a different route for a boudoir session. We had a preliminary tasting at our wedding venue, which made us realize that we wanted to go in a different direction for our dinner! I then tested out the beautiful table linens my grandma created for the wedding reception.

Finally, I made an imprint of my finger for Justin’s wedding band!


I had a couple of wedding dress alteration meltdowns, created a hair flower to wear, and made a pomander for my flower girl to carry.

Bad news: we had to cancel our honeymoon, and I was a little depressed.


Pilster Photography


I cut my hair. I also turned 25. Apparently June wasn’t that exciting…


Steve Koo Photography

I premiered my shiny new blog! Yay!!! I also made a few martinis


Lucia got sick. For about a week or two. Both ends. It was a massacre.


I fantasized about pixie haircuts and geeky glasses. I also cooked up a few huge batches of sriracha glazed chicken stir fry…because it is freakin awesome.


We went to the dog beach – the fated location where Justin and I met 2 years prior. One day, I was enraged by a nosy man at WalMart.

I finally cooked a spaghetti squash, and it was delicious. Also – oven fried okra. Holy yum.


We took a trip to DC for L’s wedding. Justin got caught up on his gossip columns

L had a lovely outdoor ceremony, followed by a fun time at the reception!

Robert Holley Photograpy

Afterward, we flew up to Plymouth, MA to visit Aunt N and Uncle B! We saw some whales, and we ate a lot

Also – there was something in my hairdryer. It was terrifying.


I discovered my love for spinach and feta cheese

Drank a few margaritas

We took a short trip to Orlando to cheer my dad on to his 6th place finish at the Children’s Miracle Network Classic ProAm golf tournament! Along the way we dined at Season’s 52.

My parents joined Justin and me for a meal at one of our favorite restaurants, Casa Ludovico

On the 30th, Justin and I celebrated 6 months of marriage with a celebratory dinner at Ocean Prime. Drool. All over myself.


Justin and I decorated a small but adorable Christmas tree for our apartment.

I managed to get my butt in gear to clean the apartment so I could show you all!

I ended the year by rolling up a huge batch of truffles as Christmas treats.

Whew! I thought that 2010 hadn’t been all that exciting, but after looking back, there was a lot of fun, and a lot of food. Hmmmm. How was your 2010?



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  • Gosh, I don’t even remember all the crap I did in 2010. I am starting notes now so at the beginning of 2012, I’ll have a list of things I did in 2011 and I won’t have to search through my blog!

  • You had quite a year! It looked wonderful! We cancelled our honeymoon too, which was a HUGE disappointment as well. BTW, I totally made your spaghetti squash recipe and it was a huge hit! Thank you!

  • Bad blog reader here. I so don’t remember (1) that you did one of those thumb print rings {L O V E} and (2) I don’t remember you guys canceling your Honeymoon over his job not wanting to give him even an hour off work practically!

  • 1. You’re so pretty.
    2. Come cook for me, please.
    3. Actually, just come take sweet pics of the food I cook. My food usually looks ridiculous but tastes yum…I think you could make ANYTHING look yum in a picture.
    4. Again, pretty 🙂

  • You’re awesome. I always love how your personality shines through each ones of your posts- even if it’s a recap one 🙂

    I’m taking notes on your sriracha glazed chicken stir fry because 1) My husband loves sriracha and 2) He Loves Stir Fry… so I think I’m going to score some made points there

  • WOOT, YAY FOR JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON. I love seeing these year in review type posts. You had a great year, and of course there were some bad times, but no one has a perfect year. Now, just think, you and Justin will have a fabulous honeymoon, whether it’s this year or in 5 🙂

  • I think you had a wonderful 2010!!!

    I’m glad you’re a lover of cooking and dogs too. Where is this dog beach??? I would love to take our boys. I just got Giada at Home for christmas and I’m having fun with her recipes. Lots of veggies!

    • Anita – The dog beach is in Dunedin/Clearwater area – Honeymoon Island State Park! We love it there, and so do the pups!

  • your dress was BEAUTIFUL and fit you perfectly.

    i got married in november (day after thanksgiving!) and one of my resolutions is to learn to cook…

    you have SO many good recipes i’m finding on your cute blog 🙂 thank you! i can’t wait to try the spaghetti squash etc. yum!!


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