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Toffee To Go

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting an amazing local business to get a peek behind the scenes.

You might remember when I gushed about Toffee To Go in the past. I’ve enjoyed their toffee at two different food events in the Tampa area in the past few months. I was so happy when Lisa and Jim invited me over to their store (and kitchen) in South Tampa! It was so cool to see that the toffee is homemade with love! You can’t beat that.

Toffee To Go

Toffee To Go toffee 2

Toffee To Go really does keep it simple, and I like that about them. They offer three different flavor varieties of their toffee: milk chocolate with almonds (their top seller), white chocolate with macadamia nuts, and dark chocolate with pecans (my personal favorite).

Toffee To Go toffee 4

Toffee To Go toffee 5


Toffee To Go has such a great story behind the brand. The process for creating their amazing toffee is a family recipe, and Lisa and Jim started the company by making the toffee in their kitchen and selling it out of their own home. Since then: business has boomed! Toffee To Go is a Tampa area business, but they do sell their confections nationwide.

Toffee To Go toffee 3

Toffee To Go toffee

How do I begin to describe this toffee? It is sweet and buttery, it is covered on top and bottom with chocolate, it is nutty, and the texture is amazing. It melts in your mouth and sticks to your teeth ever so slightly in an extremely satisfying way. Warning: Toffee To Go could become very very very addicting.

Toffee crumbs

Toffee To Go 2

Toffee To Go Boxes

I would be happy to enjoy this toffee on any day of the week, but the boxes of this sweet treat are such a great and different idea for party favors, client gifts, and the like! Toffee To Go will even help you to customize the boxes. However, how pretty are their standard boxes too? I wouldn’t mind receiving one of these. Just saying.

Toffee dessert sauce

On a side note: Toffee To Go also makes a toffee dessert sauce. I happen to have a jar of this wonderful, golden brown sauce sitting on my kitchen counter now. I have yet to break it open, but I am absolutely, 100% sure that it is going to be all kinds of amazing. Stay tuned…I might have to share what I make with it on the blog very soon…

Toffee To Go toffee 6


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