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Tequila cocktail: The Nobelita

Need a mid-week pick me up? Never fear, today I happen to have a tequila cocktail to share with you…

Nobelita cocktail Casa Noble Tequila

Now, I have to start out by saying that I don’t normally find myself to be much of a tequila drinker. I enjoy a yummy margarita on occasion, and now have begun loving Palomas as well. Other than that, I haven’t found myself branching out with tequila cocktails on the regular…until this Nobelita cocktail came along. I think Casa Noble tequila and the Nobelita has officially made me want to whip up a batch on any given day. Casa Noble sent along samples of each of their tequilas for me to try out, so I was eager to get tasting!

First, a little bit about the tequila itself. Casa Noble is a new-to-me brand, and it has won me over after tasting their Crystal, Reposado, and Anejo tequilas. Casa Noble is both a distillery and an agave grower. Their tequilas are distilled three times (tequila must be distilled 2) and in small stills. One other unique aspect of their tequila is that it is aged in French oak (364 days for the Reposado and 5 years for Anejo), which enhances the complexities in flavor.

Nobelita cocktail Casa Noble Tequila

Ok, on to the drink! What I really love about this cocktail is the simplicity. I normally have both orange juice and pomegranate juice on hand in my refrigerator, so whipping up one of these cocktails was a cinch! I was happy to experience how well the Crystal tequila paired with the fruit juices. This tequila is oh so smooth – as soon as you pour the Crystal into your glass, the aromas definitely meet your nose, but in a really pleasant manor. And when you add the pomegranate and orange juice, you’re in for a treat, not only in flavor but in color too! For me, this is a great summer cocktail, and I know I’ll be making more of them as the warm months continue here in Florida! Oh, and please say I am not the only one out there who is enamored with these cactus stem glasses? I know they are kind of “Mexican restaurant” in style, but I find them to be quite a fun glass to drink out of myself!

Are you a fan of tequila cocktails? What’s your favorite one?

Nobelita cocktail Casa Noble Tequila

Nobelita Cocktail

***adapted slightly from Casa Noble***


1.5 oz orange juice

1 oz blanco tequila (I used Casa Noble Crystal)

3 oz pomegranate juice



Add orange juice, tequila, and pomegranate juice to a glass filled with ice. Stir to combine; enjoy!


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