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It all started with curiosity. Last year it seemed like everyone was trying out these newfangled nail art strips called Salon Effects by Sally Hansen. There was a selection of colors and patterns available, and they claimed to be long-lasting and chip-free.

So of course, I had to try them.

My first box of Salon Effects nail strips were a fishnet stocking look-alike called Misbehaved. I put them on my nails right before a long weekend trip to Orlando. The process to apply is rather simple, and once you complete your first Salon Effects manicure, the skill will come naturally. Plus: Sally Hansen provides you with 16 strips per box, so there is wiggle room to make mistakes. With my very first manicure, more than a week later my nails were still free of chips and tears, and I was sold. The Salon Effects strips are officially one of my all-time favorite manicure products.

Next up: Animal Instinct.

Grr baby, grr! The Animal Instinct strips came for free in my Spring Beauty VoxBox, and I was glad to try out a bolder pattern than I’d normally be drawn to.

As the seasons change, so do some of the designs offered in the Salon Effects strips. I’ve been lucky enough to score quite a few boxes of nail strips at Marshalls and Target for half price since they were being discontinued! Keep your eyes peeled on the endcaps in Target – I find quite a few on the clearance rack there!

These How Romantic strips were a find from Marshalls: I believe they were from this year’s Valentine’s Day themed collection.

As I said before, the Salon Effects strips come with 16 strips per box, so you are bound to have leftover pieces after your main manicure is applied. My suggestion: save them and get creative! I took my leftover strips in the Animal Instinct pattern, cut them in half diagonally, and paired them with a hot pink polish (Essie’s Plumberry) that matched.

Salon Effects nail strips are not only easy to apply, but they can be removed simply with nail polish remover. The strips are actual nail polish, so remover will wipe them off easily when you’re ready to take them off.

So tell me, are you a fan of the Salon Effects strips? What’s your favorite pattern or color?


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  • I actually tried these because I kept seeing them pop up on your nails, and I loved them! I scored that same Valentine’s Day themed one at Tuesday Morning and put them on before our beach trip. They outlasted the sun/sand/ocean and still looked great after 10 days (when I finally took them off). Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to pick up more next time I see them on sale!

    • I’m guilty of saving a lot of my finds as well! I probably have 5 boxes stashed and waiting to be used…I like to break them out for special occasions 😉

  • I honestly cannot keep these on my nails for some reason. I’ve tried three different times and each time they peel and get lost in my hair after a day or so! 🙁

    • That is really strange to hear! 🙁 If it makes you feel better, the first time I tried putting them on, I didn’t realize that there was a top AND a bottom to peel off of the strips…I was really confused for a bit! I always end up using the wooden stick included to smooth them down really well, but I’ve never had any of them just, fall off! So strange

    • Definitely pick up a box and try them out for fun! The patterned ones certainly give your hands some personality. But there are also solid colors if you aren’t feeling so bold…haha!

  • I’m not sure if you’ve discovered this…but in the case that you haven’t:

    I find it quite easy 2 get two uses out one of these boxes! I simply open only one of the sealed packets that contain the nail strips and save the other packet for later use.
    When applying, I select the appropriately sized strip, stick it to the matching nail, snip off the excess (of which there is tons) and apply said excess to the matching nail on my other hand (there are YouTube videos of others doing this if my explanation doesn’t make sense).
    This method takes some time, and may not be feasible if your nails are very long, but I now find it super easy and enjoy getting double the fun out of one box!

    • Thanks Kelly! I’ve used the leftover scraps to make nail art designs before (which is fun!), but I’ve never been able to get a full 2 uses out of mine! I do have really long nail beds though, so it’s not surprising in my case at least! I do love utilizing all of the strips in some way though! I’ve used leftover ones on my toe before as well…

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