Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show Spring/Summer 2013

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to attend quite a spectacular event. Nordstrom was throwing their spring/summer beauty trend show, and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance. My lovely friend Megan and I decided to forgo sleeping in on a Saturday to learn about the best in beauty.

Nordstrom Beauty Trends

Nordstrom really rolls out the red carpet (or should I say: white) for this event. Ladies milled in the Nordstrom entryway before the main doors opened: filling their tote bags with samples and learning about new products and techniques. When the time came to be led up to the Trend Show main event, we were paraded through the store, which had been transformed into a beauty mecca.

Philosophy counter Nordstrom

The seats for the Beauty Trend Show filled quickly, and even though it was before 8am, you could sense the excitement. I had never attended one of these events before, so I was very excited to see what was in store! And…surprise surprise…I left longing for many more beauty products, and some new wardrobe items as well. Leave it to Nordstrom to bring the awesome.

Vincent Longo

It would take oh so long to go over every single brand that had a new product to present at the show, but there were some notable standouts for me. Vincent Longo was in town for this event, showing off some of his line and then teaching technique classes throughout the day. How cool is that? I especially liked the idea of his Water Canvas blush. It is created to mimic the flush and glow of natural skin. The formula itself is made to moisturize the skin as well. By the way – how gorgeous is that dress the model is wearing?!?! It’s by Tracy Reese, and definitely out of my price range, but oh my goodness how I adore it!

Nordstrom Beauty Trends Fashion

And can we talk about the style? Of course, Nordstrom would pair up their beauty items with gorgeous pieces of clothing. There were some notable pieces I spotted on some of the models as well. Although almost every item is out of my price range, a lot of inspiration struck for me, and perhaps I’ll be recreating some of these looks on my own this season!

Here are the details – clockwise from top left photo: Vince Camuto beige sequin top, Collective Concepts mint green bird print skirt, and Cara statement necklace // Milly grey sequin jacket, Diane Von Furstenberg print top, Joie mint green shorts, Vince Camuto Nedra sandals // Ted Baker orange dress // Willow & Clay ivory tweed jacket, Joie black leopard print tank, Milly black leather shorts, and Penny Loves Kenny Ronny pumps // Parker white print blazer, Astr black dress, and Tildon Risa pumps // Ted Baker striped dress

Nordstrom Beauty Trends hair

I really thought this model’s hair was the most beautiful color. Am I right???

Chantecaille Nordstrom

A new-to-me beauty brand that was presented at the Trend Show was Chantecaille. They use high concentrations of natural botanicals in their products. And another thing I love: they give back. They select different animals and causes to protect/preserve each season and donate a percentage of their proceeds (you can read more about it here). How can you not love that? This season, their Save the Sharks Palette is not only a gorgeous color combination, but a percentage of the proceeds benefit BLOOM’s commitment to ban shark finning.

Miracle Skin Transformer Nordstrom

Some of the presenters even got the audience involved. That was true with Miracle Skin Transformer. Again, this was a new-to-me brand, and I was very impressed. Megan and I had the pleasure of trying out some of their Miracle Skin Transformer for the face: a 5-in-1 tinted skin enhancer. It literally made our skin look airbrushed, but it is extremely light and essentially just like applying a moisturizer. I wouldn’t be surprised if I find a bottle of the transformer added to my collection very soon…

Living Proof Hair Care

Have you heard of Living Proof? It’s a company co-owned by Jennifer Aniston, and they have a cool line of hair care products. They work with biotech scientists from MIT to develop the products that will provide “proof” in a bottle instead of just hope. Their AMP instant texture volumizer was such a great product to test out. I was impressed by how the product did not feel heavy in my hair, which is a problem for gals like me with fine/thin locks. I also could not help but purchase the Living Proof Restore Recovery Regimen. It’s a 4 week regimen for anti damage and restoring (however, the current regimen includes 5 ampules – 5 weeks!). Plus, I was told that for someone like me with shorter/fine hair, there is enough product in each ampule for two uses…so for me this set will last 10 weeks. You simply apply it instead of conditioner once a week, leave it in for 5 minutes, and rinse it out. Both me and Megan purchased a regimen, and I plan on documenting how it works on my hair!

Bobbi Brown makeup

When the trend show was complete, it was time to head downstairs and experience some of these beauty products for ourselves! Megan and I were lucky enough to sit with Rojelio Reyna of Bobbi Brown cosmetics. He really emphasized the philosophy Bobbi lives by: every woman is beautiful. I love the concept that a woman doesn’t need to change the way she looks to be beautiful – she already is, and just taking a small step or two can enhance it. We also paged through Bobbi’s makeup manual – Pretty Powerful. The range of women pictured and their stories are truly awesome – you should definitely check it out if you get the chance!

We did learn a fun new trick when Megan’s makeup was being applied. Rojelio drew gel eyeliner not above her lashes but BELOW. I’d never heard of doing such a thing, but the technique absolutely made her eyes pop. So cool!

Bobbi Brown Makeup 2

All in all, the Beauty Trend Show was an absolutely fabulous way to spend my Saturday, and I’m already looking forward to seeing the fall/winter installment! Thank you so much to Nordstrom for giving me the heads up about the event; I am so glad I didn’t miss out on such a fantastic day!

Tell me: what is your go-to beauty product? Have you ever attended a beauty event like this one?



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