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Lovely Tonight: The Photo Booth

There was another installation involved in our cocktail hour that I haven’t mentioned yet: the photo booth!

In the weeks before the wedding, I started to realize that some of the projects I had intended to complete were just not going to happen. I had a list about a mile long of things I wanted to accomplish, but realistically I wouldn’t be able to pull them all off. So, what did I do?

I made a list.

I took out a piece of paper and listed each and every wedding-related task that I still needed to complete. Then, I re-wrote it in order of importance, with the most important tasks at the top…all the way down to the least pertinent items. High on my list was completing the wish tree guest book and painting the mailbox that served as our card box. Our photo booth landed about 3/4 of the way down the list. I really wanted to have one, but I came to the realization that if it didn’t get set up it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Our guests would probably have thought nothing of it if a photo booth wasn’t set up somewhere at our venue…it would just be something that I would miss. So…it sat on the list…and wasn’t completed.

…Until about 2 weeks before the wedding. Justin wanted to help out, and offered to take on the project with his dad! Usually, I am pretty controlling and particular when it comes to my projects, but I decided to just let it go and let them construct it! And guess what? They did a fantastic job. So: lesson learned. When it comes to some tasks on your wedding to-do list, heed these three little words: just let go. Sure, you have a vision. Sure, you might do things slightly differently. However, if it comes down to having someone else complete a task for you or not having it completed at all, giving up control is a wonderful thing.

Our photo booth was set up inside one of the cabanas by the pool where cocktail hour was taking place. It was a little bit off to the side, but my aunts and other family members made sure to spread the word to everyone. A few minutes into the cocktail hour, a long line had formed in front of the tripod!

*All photos courtesy of Pilster Photography, unless otherwise noted*

My bridesmaids and their significant others decided to hop in a few frames (literally)!

Justin and I decided to join in as well!!!

I got a little goofy…

We then attempted a kiss, which proved to be more difficult than we imagined!

Our guests had a fun time jumping into the frames as well!

*The following are personal photos*

I love this one! Cheers!

All in all, the photo booth turned out to be a great success! It wasn’t perfect (the late afternoon sun definitely got in the way  a bit since the booth was outdoors), but our guests had a fun time posing for the camera! Mission accomplished.

Are you planning a photo booth for your wedding/did you have a photo booth at your wedding? What’s your favorite thing about them?


The girls got ready, then the guys got ready.

I became a bride, but our first look wasn’t what I’d hoped.

We took some photos alone and then with our bridal party.

Everyone hopped on the trolley and we took some family portraits before my cake arrived.

I gathered myself before the ceremony, our bridal party made their way down the aisle, and I followed afterward.

Our ceremony began with some readings and ended with a handfasting ceremony.

My ‘maids helped me adjust my bustle and we entered the cocktail hour.


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  • Super cute! I love the picture frame idea.

    If we have the time & money, I would love to make a DIY photo booth as well.. the pictures you get from them are priceless!

  • Having a photo booth is the one thing I keep kicking myself for not doing. I mostly regret not having a photo booth because we have very little pictures of all of our guests, plus photo booths are lots of fun and give guests something to do! Oh well.. can’t go back!

  • oh my.. those turned out amazing! I need to come up with another event so I can have one of these! Great job.

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