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Kahlua White Russian

Recently, I needed to purchase some half and half for a recipe. For me, half and half is one of those ingredients that I buy for one purpose, then don’t know what to do with the remainder. Then, I had an idea. Well, more like I walked by our bottle of Kahlua and realized that I could make a Kahlua White Russian! All it takes is some Kahlua and vodka over ice…

…some half and half (we use the low fat version…otherwise it is too heavy for my liking)…

Then, you sit back and enjoy your rich and creamy cocktail. I’d take one of these in lieu of a dessert!

Kahlua White Russian

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2 parts Kahlua

1 part vodka

Milk/cream/half and half (your choice)



1. Pour Kahlua and vodka over ice in a short tumbler glass.

2. Add milk/cream/half and half. Stir to incorporate.

Do you have a favorite after-dinner drink?


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  • I LOVE white russians. I was obsessed with them a couple years back.

    For the half and half, a trick I learned from cooks illustrated helps me avoid the waste!

    ~Pour leftover half and half into the paper bathroom cups (the ones that are waxed in the inside) in 1/2 cup measurements.

    ~Place the cups in the freezer on a pan and freeze overnight.

    ~in the morning, peel off the paper cup and place the half and half frozen pieces into a freezer bag, label the bag and the measurement amount,

    ~then when you need some half and half, place one in a bowl in the fridge to thaw, good as new!

  • I love White Russians! Hubs got me hooked on them since he and his roommates are big fans via The Big Lebowski. We were sitting at the bar at Seasons 52 a week or so ago and a girl ordered one with Banana Liquor in it. She was so nice to even offer me a taste when I commented on it and it was delicious, you should try it out!

  • White Russian + splash of Cola = Colorado Bull Dog (or Smith & Wesson or Vodka Paralyzer if you live in Canada)… whatever it’s called, it s a good drink! =)

  • Josh loooooves White Russians. They kind of make me gag. BUT! I have a suggestion. Caramel. Vodka. Don’t trust me, trust Josh. The man knows what he’s doing around a bar. You’re welcome. 🙂

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