Julep Maven: American Beauty

Are you familiar with Julep nail polishes? How about the Julep Maven program? If you’re a fan of nail polish, this monthly subscription service might just be the one for you!

I recently received my very first Julep Maven box, and I was so excited to try out the products inside! When I took my style profile quiz, I found out that I was labeled as “American Beauty.” My box contained two nail polishes: Emma and Renee. It also included a 2oz bottle of The Best Pedi Cream Ever, which you apply to the tops and bottoms of your feet nightly to nourish and exfoliate. It smells great, and the texture is thin/easy to apply.

But on to the nail polishes. I combined them on top of one another for my current manicure:

For the base coat, I applied Renee, which is a lilac creme polish. I like that it hints toward a shade of grey, which I love for the fall. The top coat was Emma – a seashell pink shimmer. I love both of the colors by themselves, as well as paired together, which is a plus!

Since these polishes were my first experience with Julep polishes, I was very satisfied! Both shades glide on to the nail smoothly, and I was surprised that I was able to get a completely solid coat with Renee on the first try; no need for two coats!

I’m really looking forward to checking out what my future Julep Maven boxes will include! One thing I really like about the program is that you have the ability to skip months if you don’t like what is offered (or can’t afford to splurge on some new nail polishes). AND, if for some reason you prefer the offerings of another style profile, you are able to select that box to receive instead! I am glad that you get choices and aren’t pressured to purchase every single month unless you’re really wowed!

Are you a Julep Maven too? How do you like the program?

And…if you’d like to get signed up to be a Julep Maven, click here and do so now!!!


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  • Totally obsessed with Julep. TOTALLY. I am “Classic with a Twist” but I love that you can change what box you are getting (like I picked It Girl for Oct). I signed up too late to get the Sept box (but I thought they meant sign up by Sept 27, not August 27) so I bought the Sept box and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Also, I can’t wait for my October box!!!

  • Thanks for posting this! I love trying new polishes and just cancelled my birchbox membership since it was getting to be a bit boring and not enough things I was really using in it. I like that you can preview the shipment and choose whether or not you get it! One tip for anyone who hasn’t registered yet, I started the signup process to do the “style test” and then decided the $19.99 price might be a little much so I didn’t register right away. The next day they sent me a code to get the first box at a good discount! Totally worth it so I signed up 🙂

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