5 Hair Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat

Can you believe it is Thursday already? I hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday!

Today I’m continuing on with my “beat the heat” summer series with a few tips and tricks to battle the high temperatures…for your hair! I know I’m always trying to keep in mind how to keep my hair healthy and cool during the summer months. So, here are my top 5 tips:

1. Use a sock.

Oh, the ever fabulous sock bun. It is perfect for any time of the year, but especially during the summer since it can keep your hair on top of your head and off the back of your neck! You can use a sock with the toe cut off, or if you’re feeling fancy you can purchase a mesh hair donut to roll your hair around…there are even different size options so you can create the perfect sized bun!

ASOS small hair donut / ASOS large hair donut

2. Humidity-resistant products are your friend.

I absolutely cannot live without one particular product in the summer: Big Sexy Hair’s Root Pump Plus Humidity Resistant Volumizing Spray Mousse. You spray this mousse directly on to your roots instead of into your hand like other mousse products. I have fine/thin hair, and I can tell you that after years of battling humidity here in Florida this is the one product that actually worked for me. I would want to cry every morning after I spent time styling my hair only to have it fall completely flat and lifeless after stepping foot outside. I then wanted to cry tears of happiness when I realized this product worked wonders.

3. Keep it light with the moisture.

Because the summer months pack the humidity on heavily, you have to take the moisture in the air into consideration with your summer hair products. If you use conditioner, make sure to put it on lightly so it wont weigh your hair down later on. Personally, I apply conditioner to the ends of my hair only in the summer months: it helps keep my hair smooth, but doesn’t make my hair sit flat on my head!

4. Hairspray can be your friend.

Sometimes the best way to keep your style intact during the summer months is to give it some holding power. Hairspray is essential in my beauty routine for this reason: without it, my hair tends to curl in on one side and out on the other – no joke! My favorite hairspray is one that won’t break the bank (it will only set you back about $3): TRESemme’s Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray. It won’t turn your hair into a helmet (unless you spray it on heavily, that is); you’ll still be able to put a comb through it and maintain your style.

5. Try some new styles out!

There have been SO many amazing hair tutorials making their rounds on the Internet lately. Try a few of them out! If you need some inspiration…

Two new ways to style a top knot – via Refinery29

Mermaid tail braid tutorial – via Cup of Jo

Quick twist updo tutorial for medium or short hair – via The Beauty Department

Head scarf tutorial – via Keiko Lynn

…and there’s always the Gibson Tuck I showed you a few months ago!

What hair tricks do you swear by to beat the summer heat?


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  • I use the same hairspray!!! I love it and especially the price tag. But I will need to try the mousse root spray, that’s something I’ve been needing lately!

    • If you look at Marshalls and TJ Maxx I sometimes find it there for $13…but that tends to be hit and miss. The bottle is really quite big though, so it does last a long time (you don’t need to use much each day).

  • I LOVE hairspray. I’m totally addicted. It’s a sickness for real. But you’re so right, sometimes it’s the ONLY thing that can help! I need to try the big sexy hair you mentioned!

  • I love the sock bun! I used the ConAir version that lets you stick bobby pins in/matches your hair color for my wedding day hair, actually. I really want to try that braid you posted for everyday wear, it’s so cute!

    One question about hair spray, because I have super fine hair that never sticks – do you reapply at all? I feel like mine works most of the time, but I still get “wispies” throughout the day.

    • Ah! ConAir…that is useful! I have been looking for one that I can buy locally, but haven’t been able to find one! The ASOS hair donuts are the mesh stuff too – I think that is such a smart little item to have instead of a sock!

      For me, I mostly apply the spray right after I style in the morning…but if I am doing something later on after I’ve been out and about during the day, I usually do end up reapplying it a bit (my hair always ends up falling because of the humidity so I try to give it a little extra lift).

  • Hi Katie!

    Just stumbled across your blog looking for Florida bloggers, my hubs is from there and we’re planning on moving in about a year! Your blog is absolutely adorable. Keep it up!

  • Love your tips! I’m a big fan of the sock bun. Such a quick and easy way to do something with my hair that actually lasts. And I absolutely agree with what a difference hairspray can make. Although my hair won’t stay perfect, it doesn’t get completely ruined after being outside!

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