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Grilled Corn Salsa – #WhatAGrillWants

Oh summer…the time of the year for fresh, light, and bright food items. There is so much produce in season, and it truly a time when I get creative in the kitchen. Or in this case: on the grill! Summer grilling: it’s a must! Today, I’m sharing a recipe for an easy to make grilled corn salsa. It’s full of color and flavor and is oh so versatile for your summer meals!

Grilled Corn Salsa

I have to be honest: I LOVE corn on the cob…but I hate eating it ON the cob. I always end up with corn kernels stuck between my teeth and it will bother me for hours on end. I was the girl who always had her mom cut the corn off of the cob for her as a child. And I still do it to this day. It can kind of be a process as well – running the knife down the side of the cob, the corn kernels cascading off and falling everywhere – some on the plate, some on the counter, some on the floor. I am notorious for making a mess when it comes to stripping corn. However, OXO’s corn stripper tool is a godsend! Not only does it run through the corn easily, it has a compartment to catch all of the kernels as they are stripped from the cob – all you have to do is dump the container into a bowl. My life just got a whole lot easier.

And can we talk about the amazingness of grilled corn? It is my all time favorite way to prepare it; the char from the grill adds such awesome flavor (and great color too). You can use any color you desire – I am personally partial to the bi-color variety. A quick brush of olive oil with OXO’s silicone basting brush, a sprinkling of salt and pepper, and a few turns with your OXO 16″ grill tongs once they hit the grill, and you’re on your way to grilled corn salsa goodness!

Grilled Corn Salsa

I decided to create a large batch of salsa this time around – it yielded about 3 cups in the end. Why, you ask? Because I have oh so many plans for this salsa. Today, I’m dipping into it with corn tortilla chips (classic – yum!). Later this week,  I’m going to share another recipe for a healthy and delicious Sunday Supper. Annnnd I even have a third easy weekday supper recipe in the works after that. So – stay tuned…you’ll be seeing much more of this salsa in the future!

This salsa is super easy to customize to your personal tastes as well. If you aren’t a fan of spice, leave out the jalapeno (you could even replace with bell pepper). Or, take it up a notch with even spicier peppers. If you plan on eating the salsa all in one sitting, some diced avocado mixed in would be delectable! Oh, the possibilities!

Have you made your own salsa? What do you add to yours?

Grilled Corn Salsa

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