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Grille 54 Brunch – Tampa Bay Brunch Tour

Yesterday marked the continuation of our Tampa Bay Brunch Tour. Our quest for the best in brunch fare in the Tampa Bay area resumed at Grille 54 in Westchase. I met up with Megan from I Run For Wine, Rachel from Runner’s Tales, and Lauren from Tampa Uncorked for a memorable and fun afternoon.

Grille 54 sushi boats

And oh, did the amazing food offerings resume! Grille 54 offers brunch on Sundays from 10:30 to 2:30pm, and the spread is impressive! For $25.95 you receive unlimited food…AND bloody marys and mimosas. Plus: they have live music for patrons to enjoy. We definitely enjoyed the acoustic guitars and singing.

Grille 54 acoustic music

Grille 54 acoustic music 2

Grille 54 mimosa

We almost did not know where to start on our brunch journey, but a mimosa seemed appropriate. The bartender at Grille 54 was kind enough to create our drinks specifically to our preference: light on the orange juice…a poinsettia (cranberry and sparkling wine instead of orange juice) if the tart OJ wasn’t preferable…bloody marys…you name it.


Grille 54 sushi bar

Grille 54 ceviche

Grille 54 crab legs

Grille 54 raw bar

Our table happened to be right next to the raw bar, so we started there. Can I say: impressive? There were various sushi rolls, ceviche (which my dining buddies RAVED about), and an iced tower of shrimp, oysters, and crab legs. It was constantly being replenished, as the brunch diners (including our table) could not resist the allure of the fresh seafood.

Grille 54 brunch plate

But the raw bar is not the only part of brunch – the next room is filled with table upon table of delicious breakfast and lunch delights. From waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs benedict, to fresh biscuits and gravy, to roasted lamb and vegetables…you could fill your plate up in a flash.

Grille 54 yogurt bar

There were also bagels, cream cheese, cereal, and a yogurt bar with a plethora of toppings to choose from.

Grille 54 egg white omelette

There was also a carving station, a pasta station, and an omelette station. So. Many. Options. I had them whip me up an egg white omelette with garlic, spinach, tomatoes, bacon, and swiss cheese. It was piping hot and extremely fluffy in texture. YUM!

Grille 54 pasta bar

One of my dining buddies created a pasta dish as well, and we all found ourselves reaching our forks into her bowl for sampling purposes.

Grille 54 dessert bar

Grille 54 mousse and macaroons

But it was necessary to save room for dessert, of course. The spread at Grille 54’s brunch was abundant, to say the least! Thankfully, most of the offerings are in small portions, so you can fill your plate up with bite size sweets to sample quite a few! Coconut macaroons, chocolate mousse cups, mini cannolis, bread pudding, fruit tarts…the list goes on! I was a fan of dipping my coconut macaroons into my cup of chocolate mousse…chocolate and coconut are such a favorite combo of mine!

All in all, I think it is pretty clear that Grille 54’s brunch was oh so spectacular, and I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a Sunday spot in the Tampa area. For the all inclusive price, you definitely get a huge spread, as well as options that will satisfy pretty much everyone across the board! Thanks again to Grille 54 for hosting us: it was a fabulous experience!

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