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Fluffernutter Banana Dog

Think back: what was your favorite lunch food to bring along with you to school?

I brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with me practically every day back in elementary school. Can you really go wrong with a classic? I have to admit: it’s been a while since I’ve made a PB&J. But now that I’m back in the classroom, I have a feeling I’ll be drawn back to some childhood treats.

fluffernutter banana dog

Today’s quick recipe isn’t exactly a peanut butter and jelly – it’s a twist on the classic. Even though Justin and I have been together for years, every once in a while we learn something new about each other. For instance: he looked at me like I had 12 heads when I referenced a fluffernutter sandwich. He had no idea what I was talking about. I suppose I was naiive to think the fluffernutter was a common sandwich everyone is familiar with.

fluffernutter banana dog

Well, that’s what I have to share with you today. A fluffernutter banana dog. It’s so simple…but oh my gosh is it good. All you need is a hot dog bun, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and a ripe banana. It’s rich, it’s sweet, it’s definitely satisfying. And hey – there’s a banana in there…so it’s healthy, right?

If you wanted to whip one of these fluffernutter banana dogs up for lunch, you could always prepare the peanut butter and fluff portion ahead of time (like you would a sandwich), and pack the banana separately. Peel the banana and pop it inside the bun when you’re ready to eat it! Just a thought. There are so many other combinations I can think of for these banana dogs as well – I have a feeling I will be making many variations as time goes by! Just make sure you have a few napkins handy when you eat them; although the treat is hand-held, you can get a bit sticky!

fluffernutter banana dog

Fluffernutter Banana Dog


1 ripe banana

1 hot dog bun

Peanut butter

Marshmallow fluff


1. Slice open a hot dog bun lengthwise. Using a knife, spread one half of the bun generously with peanut butter, and the other half with marshmallow fluff.

2. Peel the ripe banana and place it in the center of the bun, lengthwise. Hold tight, take a bite, and enjoy!


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