Elf on the Shelf in the classroom: Milton’s Mischief

Last week, my classrooms were invaded by a tiny visitor from the North Pole.

Elf on the Shelf

His name is Milton, and it is his first time away from Santa’s Workshop. However, he is happy to be in Florida: the warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing are quite a lovely change of pace for this guy!

Elf on the Shelf parachute

Milton arrived to my classroom last Monday morning via parachute. A parachute he decorated to say “Florida or bust!” – like I said: he’s excited to be out of the snow!

Elf on the Shelf parachute

My students discovered him hanging from the ceiling on Monday, along with a note he brought for the class. They all had a great time reading it and learning more about this new tech elf with glasses…

Elf on the Shelf desktop selfies

Elf on the Shelf desktop selfies

The next day, we were surprised to discover a little mischief that Milton had been up to with the class computers: he changed all of the desktop backgrounds to pictures of himself! Someone was having fun with Photo Booth!!! You should have heard the excited screams from the kids when they opened their laptop lids to see Milton’s face smiling back at them: priceless.

Elf on the Shelf selfie wall

Because Milton is tech savvy, he also knows how to work the color printer. He decorated one of our class bulletin boards with a bunch of “elfie selfies” one day…

Elf on the Shelf zip line

And let’s not forget about the zip line. This little elf decided to snag a pair of computer headphones to use as part of a zip line through the class on Wednesday.

Elf on the Shelf zip line

Wheee!!! Milton clearly has an adventurous spirit…

Elf on the Shelf mouse trap

Milton also thought we had a bit of a pest problem in the tech room, so he constructed a contraption to rid us of the nuisances.

Elf on the Shelf mouse trap

Milton’s mouse trap captured all of the computer mice in our room! Perhaps someone needs to tell him that we need the mice to use the computers…

Elf on the Shelf printer jam

Finally, Milton was attempting to write a letter to the North Pole, but discovered a bit of a paper jam in the printer. He was working on fixing it; we’ll see if it happens to be up and running again this morning…someone call tech support!

Elf on the Shelf printer jam

As you can see, Milton has been a very busy elf so far this month; I wonder what he’ll be up to this week!

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf in your home? Have you seen any awesome antics the elves have gotten into?


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