Celebrating International Dot Day with the ColAR Mix App!

Did you know? Sunday the 15th happens to be International Dot Day!

Now, I probably wouldn’t have been aware of this day if I wasn’t teaching technology classes…but my students and I have had a blast this week celebrating Dot Day! Want to see how? I even made a video for you…

Dot Day Coloring Page

I’ve been introducing them to an iPad app called colAR Mix – it is an amazing augmented reality app that makes coloring pages come to life! When I first saw how colAR Mix worked, my face lit up like a Christmas tree. The app is free to download, and a number of coloring pages are free. More pages can be unlocked if you purchase the full version of the app for $2.99. You simply visit their website, download the pages, and print them.


When the pages are colored, you open your colAR Mix app, hold the iPad over the page until it turns blue (if it is red, you need to move your iPad so the entire coloring page can be seen), and the page will come to life in fun ways! Hearing the “oohs” and “ahhs” erupting from my students’ mouths when they see the page come to life for the first time has been priceless.  ColAR Mix designed a page specifically for International Dot Day (and it is free); my students have had a great time seeing their dots come to life: spinning, bouncing, and more! It’s been fun to try balancing one of the dots in their hand on the screen, pinching one between their fingers, and I even had one student place her head near a spinning dot to make it look like she was balancing it on her nose!

Although I’m using this app as part of Technology class, I wanted to share colAR Mix with the world, as I’m sure there are others out there who would find it fun! Hey…I’m 28 years old and I find myself coloring pages too…

P.S. – did you catch my polka dot nails in honor of Dot Day? I couldn’t resist…

Have you found any awesome iPad apps lately? Share them with me, please!

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  • What an awesome app! I’m loading in onto my iPad right now. My boys and I are going to have so much fun with this! I’ve been meaning to blog about all the great apps we’ve discovered this past year. One that’s similar to this is Spacecraft 3D by the Jet Propulsion Lab. You print out a special page and then select one of NASA’s spacecrafts, like the Curiosity rover. Then hold the iPad/phone over the page and a 3D spacecraft will appear. It’s free and there are lots of spacecrafts to choose from.

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